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We were sent a fantastic selection of craft items for the Tots100 Bostik Craft Club.  You can buy similar kits to this from online suppliers such as Craft Merrily and Yellow Moon.

Felted roving wool easter egg chicks

We decided to make some felted wool easter egg chicks.

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  1. Polystyrene eggs
  2. Roving wool
  3. Feathers
  4. googly eyes
  5. craft foam or felt (we used orange felt)
  6. Blu Tack Glu Dots

felted wool easter chicks how to


felting the eggs is a really therapeutic thing to do, but do be careful of the felting tools and little fingers as they are very sharp.  We had great fun making sure the polystyrene was covered with the yellow wool we chose, we did this by wrapping the wool around the egg and punching in into the egg.

Cut the felt or foam into shapes for the beaks and feet.

We then used the glu dots to adhere the beak, feet and feathers.  They are perfect for this as they are already tacky and stick immediately.

The googly eyes stuck directly onto the wool.

felted chicks


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