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Fine Motor String Art Tree Christmas Cards

These super-simple String Christmas Tree Card appeal to the Scandi-style lover in me, plus they are fun and simple to make. They also remind me of 70’s string art and as a 70’s baby, I guess they remind me of the Christmases of my youth! Do you still send Christmas cards?  Each year we send less and less, but I want the ones we do send to be meaningful and spread holiday cheer and the way we do that is to make our own (yes, I love a Christmas craft).   I can see these being framed and brought out year after year.

fine motor string art tree christmas

What you can not see from these photo’s is that we used beautiful metallic embroidery thread to string art Christmas cards and they look even better in the flesh.  But you could use whatever you had and they would look fab with wool, thread or even string and I think that a colorful tree would look beautiful. My boys always make their grandparents DIY Christmas cards each Christmas season. There really is something special as a Mom receiving a card made by my own kids. Plus my boys love posting cards in the mail to people.

Spread holiday cheer with these fun and colorful String Christmas Tree Cards!

How to make String Christmas Tree Cards

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fine motor string art tree christmas


I made these with both the boys and my best friends four year old and my top tip is to cut triangle notches into the front of a plain card to wrap the thread around.  You can cut slits, but if you are using multi-strand embroidery thread it is pretty hard to get all of the strands in the slits, especially for younger children.

fine motor string art tree christmas

Once you have cut the triangles in the card at the bottom and one at the top to create the triangle shape. Then comes the time for threading the embroidery thread or even wool to create the string art Christmas tree.

fine motor string art tree christmas

Secure the embroidery thread inside of the card with a piece of tape and then start wrapping the thread making sure you take it around each notch and back through the top centre notch.

fine motor string art tree christmas

Once you have threaded it through each of the notches, then secure the thread at the rear with tape before adding a star at the top.

fine motor string art tree christmas

String art is really popular at the moment and these string art tree Christmas cards are perfect for working on fine motor skills. I really do love the simplicity of these holiday cards, but I have also seen them with beads threaded onto the thread using a needle, like these by Hello Wonderful.

String Art Tree Christmas Cards.  These fine motor string art tree christmas cards are perfect for the scandi style that is around at the moment and a great festive kids craft

I have popped one in a frame and it comes out every holiday season and sits on the shelf above my desk.

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