Fingerprint heart ornaments 49

adorably simple fingerprint heart ornaments made using baking soda clay. They are really easy and inexpensive to make and make great keepsakes or gifts.  We are using our as part of our valentines cards.

Fingerprint heart ornaments red

How to make your own fingerprint heart ornaments

  • baking soda clay (we used this recipe, but store-bought air-drying clay or homemade salt dough will work too)
  • rolling pin
  • heart shaped cookie cutters
  • straw
  • ribbon or twine
  • ink pads or paint

Once you have decided which clay to use, roll it out (we use a silicone cooking mat) to around 3/4 cm thick.

Cut out your heart shapes using a cookie cutter

hear with straw hole

Make a hole at the top using a straw which will become the hole for your thread or ribbon.


Get your child to press his or her finger into the clay at an angle and repeat in the opposite direction so that the bottoms of the prints meet and form a ‘v’ shape heart.  Make sure that they press firmly so their finger makes a distinct impression in the dough.

white clay hearts

Allow your dough to harden, how long this takes will depend on which dough you use.  We popped ours in the oven for an hour on a low setting.

heart and ink pad

Once the hearts are hard, then comes the fun part of decorating them.  We decided to use ink pads as we wanted to get the boys fingerprint details to show on the hearts. However you could use paint, ink or even glitter.

Mini printing

One the ink is dry, you can varnish the hearts or you can leave them as they are, which is what we did.  Oh and dont forget to pop the childs name and date on the rear!

Want to see what we have done with our fingerprint heart ornaments, then come back later in the week.

Fingerprint heart ornaments


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