Fingerprint heart valentines cards 20

fingerprint heart cards

I have to say that as a couple MadDad and I have never really been in to celebrating Valentines Day.  Mainly due to the fact that it is our wedding anniversary in March and we tend to celebrate that much more than Valentines, however, since having the boys things have changed.

It seems that they really want us to celebrate valentines, they have made fingerprint love heart cards for their dad and also made heart bookmarks which they are giving out to their teachers tomorrow.

Simple Fingerprint Heart Cards

fingerprint hearts

It doesn’t really get much simpler than this and I think we originally saw this over at Thinly Spread a couple of years ago.  You take a forefinger and angle your fingerprint then add a second one to make a heart shape. Chris’ are much neater than ours, but then my boys are only 8 and 7 and refused any help!

To make it simpler for younger children you can add the paint to a sponge rather than a paper plate like we did, in fact the sponge method is better for all ages, but the boys wanted to mix their own colours.