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Do your kids send thank you cards?  The MiniMad’s send thank you cards their have made every year.  Last year it was thumbprint Robin thank you cards, this year it is fingerprint monster thank you cards.

Monster fingerprint cards

We love giving fingerprint monster cards as they encourage people to get creative and add their own monsters to the blank fingerprints.  Plus these are easy to make, if you have smaller children they can just do the fingerprinting and you can add the rest.

How to make fingerprint monster thankyou cards

fingerprint thank you cards


  1. Ink pads or fingerpaint
  2. Blank cards
  3. Fine tipped felt pen

We use what ever card we have, this was A4 folding in half.  Then the boys stick their fingerprints all over the card.

I am slowly learning to sit on my hands and let them so the crating directly less and letting them express their creativity.  This might not make for perfect cards, but it does make for totally kid made ones that they are so proud of.

fingerprint cards

Them they turn some of their fingerprints into monsters, but you could turn them into pretty much anything.

fingerprint thank you cards

Make sure that you leave some blank for the recipient to complete though!

Maxi card making

As these are thank you cards, Maxi chose to write Many Thanks on the top, but this is where you can add your greeting.

create your own fingerprint monsters


I have a great fingerprint art Pinterest board for inspiration.
Follow Jen Walshaw’s board Fingerprint art on Pinterest.

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