Fingerprint Thank you cards – Robins 40

We are working on reducing the boys reliance on technology and we decided to make fingerprint thank you cards for part of our #ScreenFree time.

robin fingerprint cards

I think that it is really important for the boys to say thank you for the gifts they receive and as a family we love to give and receive hand made cards.  I try to make sure that what we do is something that the boys can do all by themselves and they loved this activity.


    1. Cardstock or blank white cards like these 100 Pack of White Square Card and Envelopes
    2. Paint (we used tempura, but any will do)
    3. Fine tip black pen

The boys turn white card in to cards by folding them in half.


The they painted a finger with brown paint and made fingerprints on a card to represent the Robin’s body.

They washed their hands and by the time they returned to the table the brown paint was dry, so they painted the tip of the little finger red for the Robins red breasts.

They then added the birds beaks and feet with a fine tipped pen.

tongue of concentration

Maxi wrote thank you on the front of his cards (note the tongue of concentration), whereas Mini wanted to have lots of Robins on the front of his cards.

robin fingerprint card

Do your children send thank you cards out after christmas or when they receive gifts?

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