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Inspired by Heather at Young and Younger our thank you cards are of the fingerprint variety   My boys are of the age now where they love making their own cards and expanding on their fingerprints to make animals, fish and flowers.  They had a great hour making their cards to send out to say thank you for any gifts they received at Christmas.  I have a Pinterest board filled with fingerprint art ideas and inspiration.

fingerprint cards

In fact it took less time and effort to make the cards than it did to hassle them to filling them in.  I really do want the boys to have good manners and thank you cards are part and parcel of receiving gifts in The Mad House, but at six and seven I feel that the responsibility for writing them should come down to the boys and that I no longer should have to send them in their behalf, but what a palaver.  I ended up nagging and nagging them to get them done.

Do you make your children write thank you cards?  If so how do you encourage them to complete them?

6 thoughts on “Fingerprint thank you cards

  • Julie

    My technique for encouraging them often comes down to nagging too! They wrote theirs yesterday (in service day) and I’m so relived to have them done (well, now I just need to add mine!). Angus and Islay enjoyed sticking stickers on theirs, but I think they’d love thumbprint pictures too. juliex

  • Heather

    These look so fantastic and it’s brilliant that the boys enjoyed doing them so much. Having to nag must be a real pain but I do think it’s worth it.

  • Jill

    What a lovely idea, they look great. I too had to nag my two darlings to write in their cards! My 9 year old son thought it would be ok to just say “thanks!” It took a lot of nagging to add more! But definitely worth it in the end! Lovely blog. Jill x

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