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Firework crafts and treats roundup

20 Firework crafts and treats roundup

With Halloween getting bigger and bigger each year, bonfire night just creeps up on me.  This year I am prepared and have a round up of some super fireworks crafts and treats to get you in the mood.  There is something wonderful about coloured art on black paper and beautiful colours against the night sky that makes fireworks so spectacular for both children and adults alike.

Firework crafts and treats roundup

The best thing about fireworks is all you really need is some black paper and coloured pencils.  In fact just look at what mini created with some crayons and card.  There really is something for everyone here and you probably have most of the things you need already in the house.

Firework crafts

20 Firework crafts and treats


  1. Cable tie fireworks by Mum in the Mad House
  2. Play dough fireworks by Nurturestore
  3. Fork fireworks by Crafty Morning
  4. Firework biscuits by Messy Little Monster
  5. Scratch Art Fireworks by The Mad House
  6. Fireworks paintings by Nurturestore
  7. Water and oil fireworks by Juggling with kids
  8. Painted firework toast by Messy Little Monster
  9. Salt Art Fireworks by The Mad House
  10. fireworks in a glass – Science sparks
  11. Pipe Cleaner Print Fireworks by The Mad House
  12. Sprinkle Fireworks by Reading Confetti
  13. Fireworks cookies by Nurturestore
  14. Edible sparklers by The Mad House
  15. Catherine Wheel by Nurturestore
  16. Coloured rice fireworks by Playful Mothering
  17. Firework Sensory Bottle by Messy Little Monster
  18. Cardboard tube firework prints by The Mad House
  19. Firework collage by Taming the goblin
  20. Chalk marker fireworks by In the Playroom


Firework crafts and treats roundup

These firework crafts are perfect for Bonfire Night, Diwali and even for celebrating Independance Day.  Why not try mixing things up by using a larger piece of card or paper so your kids can really express themselves.

Perfect for Bonfire Night and Diwali


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