First Award – woop de doo 5

I am honored and dead chuffed really yo be awarded my first ever blog award by Bad Penny at The Hen House.  How cool is it that someone likes my blog and reads it too.  Penny wanted an alternative Blog Title other than TheMadHouse. 
The thing is there is always something going on here and craft things and children’s detritus is strewn on the dinning table and all over the conservatory, so when my mum started saying that we were TheMadHouse it just kind of stuck, she even answers the phone “welcome to the mad house” when she is at mine!!
If it wasn’t that then it would have to be something about tea.  I am a tea monster.  I love my tea with a passion and especially adore proper tea from leaves in a warmed pot and have a cupboard with my tea leaves in.  I am especially fond of Fortnum and Masons royal blend, Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea although my regular tipple is Twinnings everyday tea.
I love the whole experience of taking tea and have done so in some wonderful places, but that is another blog entirely.
Anyway thank you lots and lots Penny.

5 thoughts on “First Award – woop de doo

  • driftwood

    congrats on your award. it's a good blog name, naming a blog is probably as hard as naming a baby! as for the tea, Yorkshire is my favourite, even though we don't live there anymore….

  • bad penny

    you are very welcome … sorry about the spelling mistake – call it a typo ! I love my cup of tea too. Joe had three imaginary friends for a while one was called cuppateatoo.

    When I was first married, Roddy felt awkward calling my mum by her first name so when she was with us, he would pop his head round the door and say, " cup of tea ? " what a giggle.

  • whoatemycrayons

    I love your blog name, but then something tea related would have been cool too. Great blog award graphic, one of the better ones I have seen.

  • TheMadHouse

    I think it is tea that keeps me going, I love the award, so cool!!

    Whoatemycrayons – your site is wonderful and the graphics are ace.

    I always loved Yorkshire tea when we lived in Berkshire. I think it reminded me of home, now we just pop to Betty's

  • Karen

    Congratulations!! I love the name! I think it's a Northern thing, in our family, we often refer to our own homes as the mad house, I think that may have been what attracted me to read your blog in the first place!!!!!!

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