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First day of school photo ideas

How to you record your kids first day of school.  Since mine have been small I have taken a picture of them all decked out in their uniform with a list of their likes.  I love capturing all that first day excitement with my boys and it is a great way to see how much they have changed year on year.   So I have put together a great roundup of ways to record that first day at school.

first day of school-

We take a picture and then I picmonkey the boys likes on.

Paging Fun Mum’s does a great image with sidewalk chalk

I love the idea of making my own chalkboard speech bubble to show their year in.

Let’s Lasso the Moon using a great small chalkboard.

No chalk board then just use a notebook like Me and My Insanity

Print off the date and their school year on a sheet of paper and do the same for the last day of the year too (I am never that organised withe the last day of the school year!)

How about making a giant polaroid frame – this is so cool!

I also love the idea of just taking a pic of those shoes all clean and unscuffed with their backpack and a sign.

How cool would it be to buy a t-shirt for when they graduate and finally leave school and get a picture of them wearing it each year.

Kids being camera shy, then take a photo of their first day outfit instead.

I love how you can just share a little bit about them and what their want to be when they grow up too.

first day of school photo ideas

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