Do your children eat fish? Fish is the Dish 4

My boys love fish.  If we eat out it is what we order off the menu.  In fact I would take fish over meat every day.  Some thing the boys would too.  When asked what they wanted to eat  for their back to school feast they both chose sea bass, which made me happy and very sad at the same time.  Why you may wonder, well seabass is £27 a kilo four times the price of steak and I was sure that I would ruin it whilst cooking it.   This is one of the most comon reasons we do not eact fish, my fear of how to cook it and spoil it.


I was recent invited to an event in Edinburgh by Seafish called fish is the dish, which aims to encourage families to eat their recommended two portions of fish a week and to show that fish can be a fast, frugal and fabulous way to feed your family.

They even produced this video of me at the event!



It was an inspirational event where we got to meet with people who are genuinely enthusiastic about fish and how easy it is to prepare and cook and you know what, it is easy, tasty and so much more.  This week I have been sent some haddock fillets from Delish Fish, which we will be making into posh fishcakes at the weekend (recipe to follow on Frugalisciousfood) .  My aim is to prove that preparing and cooking fish can be simple and frugal.

Disclaimer: I was provided with travel and accomodation for this event and some lovely fish too!



4 thoughts on “Do your children eat fish? Fish is the Dish

  • Alex

    The boy loves fish but Fifi turns her nose up at it more often than not. Doesn’t stop us having a lot of it though.

    Fortunately for us, we got the boy into oily fish from a very young age. He’s happy with mackerel and sardines, trout and a whole lot more, which are often dirt cheap. A pack of four mackerel is about as cheap as free flow economy frozen mince (did you know by weight frozen mince is allowed to be 50% water/ice, and of the remaining half, 50% of that can be fat? It means you get very little actual meat out of a 1kg bag).

    I think my highlight of the fish eating was on our holiday in Norfolk when he had “little fishes”- whitebait- including the heads 🙂

  • MIdlife Singlemum

    I also love fish but am scared of cooking it in case it doesn’t come out nice. I also hate the smell of it when it’s raw. We eat a lot of canned tuna (though not too much as I’m mindful of the mercury problem).

  • Pants With Names

    My boys love fish. The tragedy is that I don’t eat seafood at all, can’t abide it. Luckily for them Dave will cook fish whenever he can, so they don’t miss out. x

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