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Shoes talk to me.  I swear they do!  They whisper to me when I see them in shops, on the TV and on my computer screen.  I have always loved shoes, but I also love practical and comfortable shoes.  So when Cloggs offered me a pair of FitFlop Gladdie I jumped at the chance as so many people had said great things about them.

FitFlop Gaddie Review

FitFlop Gladdie Review

I had heard great things about how comfortable FitFlops were, so thought I would give a pair a try and loved the style of the metallic tri-colour slides.  FitFlops are designed to be comfortable when worn for a long time, as they distribute your feets’ pressure more evenly through their unique technology in their souls.

We have shopped at Cloggs in the past and their ordering service is simple and their delivery is always fast.   They have a next day delivery service, which is great for when you need something fast, as I did for my holiday.  Plus they have free returns, which I think is key when you are shopping for shoes as different brands have a different fit, as I discovered with the FitFlop Gladdie.

FitFlop Gaddie Review

I have size five feet that are on the wide size and although the length of the sandal was great the width was too tight for me.

But they were a perfect fit for my best friend!  So she is modeling them here in the photographs and will be strutting her stuff in them over the summer!

FitFlop Gaddie Review

The Gladdie Slide sandal has a press button fastening top strap with an insert of elastic which does give some additional width, but the lower two straps are not adjustable.  I adore the tri-colour metallic leather, it means that they will go with pretty much every summer outfit you have and the lower silver band is well positioned to show off your nail varnish!   They are an investment pair of sandals as they retail at £84.95, but you will wear them over many summers to come.

My SIL swears by her FipFlops and wears them all the time and I would have loved to give them a try, but my feet are just too fat!


Disclosure: I was sent this pair of sandals by Cloggs for the purpose of this post. 


9 thoughts on “FitFlop Gladdie Review

  • Nayna Kanabar

    These flip flops look really comfort great for the summer. I love them as I don’t like flip flops that fit between toes. I like slip in ones like these.

  • Gemma

    You can’t beat a comfy pair of shoes! A bit more than I could justify spending on shoes but if they are great quality and last a long time I suppose it makes sense. They are a great style too

  • Sara-Jayne

    I’ve got two pairs of FitFlops – and I love yours better than both of them! I’ve got a Disney pair from Florida and a lilac pair. The magpie in me adores the shiny straps!

  • Jade Wilson

    I love the metallic straps on these, very ‘in’! I think they might look nicer with a flatter heel, or even a cork heel, but that’s probably just me. They do look pretty comfy though, shame you couldn’t wear them yourself xx

  • Emma

    LOVE those colours. I have problems wearing sandals here though, if it’s not super hot, you are going to end up ill apparently! 😀 Would get them for holidays though! 🙂

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