Five | Mum In The Madhouse


How to describe Mini, well he is noise with muck on.
His emotions run close to the surface and some times get the better of him, but this means you always know where you stand.
He is a lover and a fighter.
He shows a talent for music and a passion for reading and literature.
He is my earth, wind, stars and moon.
He brightens everyone’s day and makes people smile the first time he meets them.
He is as cheeky as they come.
He is me in miniature
The most destructive known hurricanes rate as Category 5 and Mini is five today, so I guess we are in for a whirlwind ride.

Mini’s last night as a four year old


Today my baby turns five and my mum will have been dead six short months.
Today I will out on a brave face and celebrate all that is good in the world and be thankful for small children and the joy and delight they see in everything.
Today I will watch the echo that my mum’s life makes in my children.
Today I will rejoice in being a mother.
Today I will hold my children close and listen to their heartbeat.
Today I will contemplate the future with nothing but optimism.
Today I will be the mother of a five and a six year old.

Five years ago I was in hospital giving birth to my wonderful youngest, it was a long and arduous journey, but well worth it.  people often asked is we had planned to get pregnant so soon after Maxi.  I always ignored that question and told them that Mini was so wanted.  He was and he still is.


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