Five easy paper craft ideas you can do with the kids 2

Children enjoy being creative, and they are happy to spend time painting, sticking and cutting coloured paper making fun craft items at home. These ideas can be done with just a few stationery pieces that are inexpensive to buy. Try some of these simple ideas next time the weather keeps you indoors:

1. Paper weaving crafts

Weaving can be used in many ways and is usually done with fabric or wool, but it can be done with paper too. Each child just needs two pieces of paper in different colours. Take the first sheet and fold it in half lengthways. Cut strips in the paper two centimetres apart, making sure to leave a frame around the edge of two centimetres that isn’t cut. Next cut the other sheet of paper into individual strips measuring two centimetres each. Now weave the individual strips in and out of the ‘frame’. Continue until the whole frame is filled up. Thin card, patterned paper and textured paper could all be used to make different looks.

2. Paper mosaic pictures

Children can have fun tearing different sheets of paper into little pieces. Plain or patterned paper, old magazines and used Christmas cards can be used to encourage recycling. Next, draw a simple design onto a plain piece of paper, such as a fish or bird or beach scene. Glue the ripped pieces onto the design to colour in the template and create an interesting picture. Experiment with varying sizes of torn pieces to see what effects can be created. You can also use cut up pieces of paper which is great for working on scissor skills.

3. Stained glass window designs

Create some colourful window panes and stick them to the patio doors for a bit of fun with the kids. Help them cut out frames using thin card that is easy to buy from cheap stationery suppliers. With paper glue, make the glass for the frames from coloured tissue paper or cellophane. Overlap different shades to see how the colours change. Draw on some sections of tissue paper with a black pen to make interesting details. Why not Look up stately homes online to give you some inspiration. We also have some amazing ones to inspire you.

4. Build a mobile using paper

Mobiles can be a team effort, and then end result can look quite artistic. You will need a structure to hang the mobile from – an embroidery circle or a couple of coat hangers taped together are often used. Next think of a theme, such as birds, flowers or insects. With the children, cut out multiple sizes and colours of the chosen theme from thin card. Mobiles look great if there are lots of items grouped together, so spend time making a selection of pieces. Paint, decorate and enhance the pieces to make the mobile exciting to look at. Thread all the pieces together using black cotton and fix them in place using clear tape. If this is done carefully, it could take a whole peaceful afternoon to make a beautiful work of art you could hang in the hallway.  We really adore this heart mobile from Buggy and Buddy.

5. Paper Masks

These can be made using paper plates or by cutting thin card into ovals with holes cut out for the eyes. Masquerade masks that just cover the eyes can also be made for a different style. Decorate the masks with pen, glitter, feathers, wool or scraps of fabric – whatever is available. The finished masks could be used to create a theatrical play at home, or they could be to hung to decorate a wall. You could have a Mardi Gras parade with glittering masks or a robot theme which incorporates tin foil embellishments. The possibilities are endless!

Five easy paper craft ideas you can do with the kids

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