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Five Upgrades and Improvements to Make to Your Driveway (and Why)

There are lots of different upgrades and improvements you can make to the driveway of your family home. Here are just five fantastic ideas that you will want to consider.

1. Apply a Seal Coat

If you have an asphalt or concrete driveway, consider upgrading it by applying a seal coat. It will help to preserve your driveway under the surface from harsh weather conditions. It can also enhance its overall appearance.

Adding a seal coat to your driveway will also save you money in the long run, as there will be fewer cracks in need of repair over time.

If your kids enjoy playing on the driveway, when there are no cars of course, it is also important that your driveway stays in good condition for a long time.

Applying a seal is quite straightforward. Just grab some high-quality driveway sealant from your preferred hardware store. Then, mix it according to the instructions and apply it evenly on a clean, dry driveway with appropriate tools such as rollers or brushes.

2. Paint Driveway Paintings

For a family-friendly way to brighten up your driveway, consider turning the home improvement job into an art project that both you and your children can get involved with. You could paint paintings or patterns directly onto the driveway, with non-toxic weather-proof paint, or add paintings around the border of your driveway.

Painting driveway paintings is sure to bring out creativity among members of the household and increase bonding time through teamwork.

3. Install an Automatic Gate Opener

Upgrading your home to include an automatic gate opener for your driveway not only provides an added level of security for you and your family. It also brings convenience and sophistication to your property. Automatic gate openers allow you to operate your driveway gates without having to leave your car. They also offer protection against potential intruders.

The installation process includes choosing the right type of automatic opener that fits your gate style (swing or sliding) and installing the motor, sensors, and cabling, under professional guidance.

Just make sure you find out about automatic driveway installation costs before you decide on this option, as costs can vary based on different factors such as the gate design, weight, and additional features like intercoms and cameras.

4. Install Lighting

Simple lighting additions to your driveway can greatly increase safety by providing clear vision during night-time hours.

First, choose your desired lights from the countless design options available. Depending on the style, some can simply be pushed into the ground, while others might require more permanent installation, which typically involves screwing them into a wooden post or securing them with a concrete base. 

5. Grow a Driveway Garden

Depending on the size and layout of your driveway, you might like to consider allocating a portion of it for a small garden.

A bit of green can enhance the overall look of your property. It can also serve as a fun educational tool for kids. Gardening is a wonderful family-friendly activity. It teaches children about nature, responsibility, and patience as they watch their plants grow from tiny seeds to full blooms.

Plus, the end result is rewarding – adding life and colour to an otherwise dull space in your home exterior.

To start this project, choose easy-to-grow flowers or veggies that are suitable for your area’s climate. Sunflowers, petunias, or radishes are good starter options. Create small raised beds using bricks or stones at one side of the driveway, fill with fertile soil and start planting! Just don’t forget to water regularly.

You can start coming up with ideas for your driveway garden by checking out these garden trends for 2023.