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Flamingo Land

Today was in inset day (teacher training) at MaxiMads school, so MadDad took the day off and we exchanged some Tesco Club Card points for vouchers and decided to go Flamingo Land for the day, hoping that the fact that the children were all back at school and that it wasn’t a weekend would mean shorter queues.

We woke up and the sun was shinning, so I packed a picnic, towel and a spare set of clothes for the minimads and we set off. We arrived at 10am and were only about the 40 car in the car park.  The boys were very excited and jumped on to the first ride they saw, the balloon ride.
The beauty of Flamingo Land is that is it compact, has lots of rides suitable of little ones and has a zoo too.  we spent the morning exploring the park and going on lots of rides, including the monorail, bumper cars and carousel.  We then stopped to have a picnic lunch and a walk round the animals.
We really enjoyed the fact the park was quiet, it made for such a relaxing day, the children were always in sight, they got to see all the animals and we didn’t have to queue at any rides.  We watched the sea lion show and the boys were in awe at the beauty and grace of them. 

We then took them to the splash park area, which they truly adored.  Both the boys are complete and utter water babes and they loved jumping in and out of the fountains of water, shooting each other from the pirate ship and generally letting of steam.  They played there until their lips were blue and couldn’t speak for shivering.  it was then time for a warm drink and a change of clothes and some more rides.

We left the park at closing time, 5pm and we hadn’t traveled 3 minutes before both boys were fast asleep in the car and they slept the whole 50 minutes home.

It was a lovely day out and a pleasant family time out and more than made up for yesterdays episode, in fact I was very proud of both boys with their thank yous to the attendants at the rides and also by MaxiMads statement when we got in the car “it has been a good day today, thank you for bring us and I love you 1006 much”.

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