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Flooring for Families

Today I am passing the blog over to one of my longest blogging pals. Chris Mosler has been blogging about her life with four children and one husband at Thinly Spread since 2010 but she has a secret string to her bow which she is sharing today – 25 years of experience in the flooring industry means she is well placed to share her reasons why wood is the top choice for family floors.

Spring is bursting forth all over the country and many of us are thinking about spring cleaning, renovating and updating our homes. After a long winter of muddy welly boots and dripping waterproofs it may well be time to take another look at our floors!

I have wooden flooring throughout my home, some of my floors have been down for 18 years and have coped with my four rambunctious, boisterous children, their friends and our cats without complaint!

Here are a few reasons why I think choosing some quality wooden flooring or engineered wood flooring is the best solution throughout a busy family home.

  • It’s easy to clean – yes, you will see the dust and fluff but that means you can whisk it away immediately rather than walking it deep into your carpets. It’s perfect for allergy sufferers and asthmatics and for babies and children who are much closer to those floors.
  • It’s a long term investment. A wooden floor is part of the fabric of your home and, unlike carpets, it can be renovated and revived if it gets a bit tired.
  • Wooden floors are perfect for pets. There’s no tangle of fur caught up in the carpet, nowhere for fleas and ticks to hide and muddy paw prints can just be wiped away.
  • Many wooden floors are suitable for underfloor heating providing an ambient temperature and removing the need for radiators.
  • Wood floors are a perfect backdrop for any interior design whether you are after a traditional, distressed wooden floor or a sleek modern design.
  • There is wooden flooring suitable for every room in your home from the kitchen to the bathroom, kids’ rooms, playrooms and living rooms.
What is the top choice flooring for families? Make an informed decision on flooring that will last, look good over the years and survive a growing family.

This weekend I will be throwing open my garden doors, brushing out winter and welcoming in spring. I’ll give my floors a polish and then turn my attention to my walls – which are in dire need of a coat of paint!