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Folding and storing fabric

The focus of the Tots 100 Home Club this month is storage and I am ashamed to say that I have more fabric that is decent.  It was just shoved in to every spare space in the study/craft room.   I often bought new fabric for specific tasks as I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so decided that I HAD to organise my fabric first and foremost.

I decided that the easiest way to store it would be to fold it all the same size and store in some new baskets which I purchased from Homebase for this specific task.  They were £14.99 each and should last for a long time.  But how best to fold it all? I remember seeing on Sew Justine Sew last year that see stored her larger fabric on comic boards, but most of my fabric are smaller pieces and I didn’t have enough storage to hold it all on comic sized sheets.  So I decided to re purpose something we already had, a ream of printer card.

  1. The card is a4 sized
  2. Fold it in half to make it A5 size.
  3. Lay out your fabric (I have used this for all my fabric from fat quarter to 4 yards)
  4. Fold the bottom of the fabric over the card and crease to the end of the fabric
  5. Do the same with the top
  6. then wrap the fabric over the card
  7. continue to do so until the fabric is all wrapped around the card.

I then placed the fabric in the baskets and on to an existing wrack that we already have.  I used some hampers to store quilt filling and stuffed toy filling on top of the unit.  I like using the hampers as you can squash it all in and then fasten it!

I would love to know how you store your fabric and other items for crafting.

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