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Football Practise

Every Saturday morning finds MaxiMad and MadDad at our local AFC doing Football practice.  MaxiMad is in the tots group and spends a blissful hour come rain or shine learning new skills, enhancing the ones he already has, learning to play in a team and learning to take instruction.  He really enjoys these Saturday mornings with his dad and the one on one time they get.
They play on what used to be the old senior school playing field and the council charges them £70.00 per week just to open the changing rooms and toilets in the community centre, which I think is rather excessive considering that our subscription is only £2.00 per week and that all the staff are volunteers, who give up their time and energy for free.  Also all the staff are or are going through their FA couching certificates in their own time too.
No you will ask why they have to have toilets and changing rooms, well it is for girls as well as boys and therefore, a toilet and changing room have to be made available!
Anyway I will get down from by hobby horse for now and just cherise the fact that MaxiMad enjoys his time learning.  He may not turn out to be a premiership footballer, but that is not why he goes, it is fun, exercise in the open air and a son and dad activity. 
Oh and yes for those in the know that is a Portsmouth kit!!  We took Maxi to the shop and let him choose his own kit (he liked the colours), he doesn’t show any allegiance to a team yet, although he has plenty of choice, he was born in Reading, MadDad is an avid Leeds supporter, his Uncle holds a season ticket at Middlesbrough (who are our closest team), who are also supported by his Godparents, his other Uncle supports Everton and well me……… I like Liverpool!!!!

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