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For Better or Worse

MadDad and I have been together over 19 years and have been through many ups and downs, but how well do we actually know each other.  I like to think that we know each other pretty well, but Osbornes Solicitors asked us to put our knowledge of each other to the test with their new app For Better or Worse.


So We put the app to the test and I was pleased to say that MadDad kew quite a lot about me.  OK he didn’t remember what I wore to our first date, but then neither did I!  However, he knows just how I like my tea and so he should has for the last eighteen years he has brought me a cup of tea in bed in the morning.  He knows my shoe size and my favorite food.  So as I far as I am concerned he knows all the major and important information.

How did I do in comparison?   Well I am pleased to say that I too did OK.  Again, I can not remember a lot of the firsts. First date clothing, first words, first live band………………. I have no idea, but then neither did he.  These things really do not matter in our relationship.  What matters is the present and the future.  What matters is that we continue to respect, love and cherish each other and that we put effort into making our marriage work.

But he has never forgot an anniversary or a birthday and I know that my man is a keeper.

So what about your that special someone?  How would they fair?  Why not give the app a go.  It made for some fun conversation and reminiscing in The Mad House.

You can play on Osbournes Facebook page, or on the Osbornes website.


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