Free Advent Acts of Kindness Printable – 2016 Design 10

I am delighted to share with you these free advent acts of kindness printables.  This year we have gone with an adorable bauble design.  Wow, I can not believe that we have been doing acts of kindness at advent for the last three years!

Free Advent Acts of Kindness Printable - 2016 Design

I love Christmas and Advent, but a couple of years ago I realised that instead of preparing us for Christmas Day, it was becoming something of a wantfest for my boys.   I am all for little daily treats during the dark days of December, however, I wanted to bring the true meaning of Christmas and Advent to my family.

Our kindness mission statement:

  • Spread the word – encourage other people to join in and become happiness heroes
  • Have fun and enjoy making other people happy
  • To be kinder than you need to be

The husbeast and I talked about the fact that giving was so important and that I wanted to raise kind and generous children and came up with our alternative advent calendar.  Our Acts of kindness.  Then I chatted with the boys and we came up with a list of things that we could do over the season.  We managed to come up with more than 24, in fact, we came up with 50 and I am sure that you can think of many more too.

Each year we pick 24 and I print them off and we try and do one each day over the advent season.  Most are of non-monitory value, but they all make the boys and me think about giving and being kinder than we need to be.

Free Advent Acts of Kindness Printable - 2016 Design

Download your free Advent Acts of Kindness Printable

50 Acts of Kindness for Advent printables – A4 Size

50 Acts of Kindness for Advent Printables – US Letter Size

How to use your Free Advent Acts of Kindness Printable

there are lots of different ways to use your printables.  This year we have printed 24 off and I am going to place one into each of the pockets of our fabric advent calendar.

Previously we have printed all of them out and placed them into a jar and picked a random one out each day.

One year I stuck 24 of the acts of kindness in the shape of a Christmas tree onto our wall and each day to picked one to do.

If you do use our Advent Acts of Kindness we would love to see them, so make sure you tag us on social media and use the #AdventKindess hashtag.

The Imagination Trees Kindness Elves could leave an act of kindness each morning for the children to do.

Free Advent Acts of Kindness Printable - 2016 Design. Advent acts of kindness free printables in the shape of Christmas Baubles. These are perfect for printing and adding to advent calendars