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I adore colouring in. Finally, someone has acknowledged that colouring in is great for adults as well as children and I no longer have to use the kids colouring books.  We love family colouring and have had some great evenings colouring in on a super piece of fabric I got from Ikea with fabric pens and now we can all do colouring-in as a fab relaxing screen-free activity.  So I have free adult coloring pages to share with you that I love.

free colouring pages

I have quite a few colouring books that I use, but I also love the fact that there are so many free adult colouring pages available.  Even Maxi loves colouring in and loves the Islamic pattern books. So I want to share with you these free printable colouring pages.  Coloring pictures for adults is both fun and theraputic.

Free coloring pages for adults


My friend Tasha Goddard is a talented illustrator and I am delighted to say she has shared with me two fantastic pages for my readers.  So I am honored to have two free printables from her, to share with you.  First up is this wonderful Flowers printable  and second up is a Red Riding Hood page. Follow Tasha’s Facebook page and Instagram for more of her amazing work.


  1. Zen and anti stress colouring pages for adults
  2. Forest animals colouring pages
  3. Today is going to be awesome
  4. Geometric colouring pages
  5. Butterfly colouring pages
  6. Flower colouring pages
  7. Sophisticated adult colouring pages
  8. Mandala colouring pages
  9. Fantasy colouring pages
  10. More mandela colouring pages
  11. Tiger colouring page
  12. Secret Garden free printables
  13. Even more mandalas
  14. Fairy colouring pages
  15. Garden party free printables
  16. Abstract colouring page
  17. Elephant coloring pages
  18. Free adult colouring pages
  19. Everything will be OK colouring page
  20. Steampunk colouring pages
  21. Be kind colouring page
  22. Floral designs coloring pages

If you like this page, then make sure you take a look at my more free colouring pages for adults.

Free adult colouring pages

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Free colouring pages for adults

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My favourite adult colouring books

download Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom – A Colouring Book Adventure – US  link/UK link  download (1) The Creative Colouring Book for Grown-ups (Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups) – US Link /UK Link download (2) The Creative Therapy Colouring Book (Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups) – US link/ UK Link download (3) Dream Catcher: the tree of life – US Link/UK Link download (4) Really RELAXING Colouring Book 6: Indian Summer – A Jewelled Journey through Indian Pattern and Colour: Volume 6 (Really RELAXING Colouring Books) – US Link/UK Link download (5) The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-stress art therapy for busy people – US Link/UK Link download (6) Dream Catcher: a soul bird’s journey – US Link/UK Link download (7) Love You Mum: doodle & dream: A beautiful and inspiring adult colouring book for Mums everywhere – US Link/UK Link download (8) The Art Therapy Colouring Book – US Link/UK Link download (9) Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book – US Link/UK Link  

Do you love colouring in?


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free printable colouring pages

Colouring Supplies:

I am often asked what products I use and I am a big advocate of using the best supplies you can afford.  It is really frustrating to use pencils that keep snapping or refuse to blend well, oh and don’t get me started on pens that bleed through the paper.  I always buy the best quality I can afford, not just for me but for my kids too.  I want colouring to be a joyful experience.  These are mine and the

These are mine and the MiniMad’s suggestions to you.  Our tried and tested favourites.  When I first started colouring I just pinched the boy’s products, which is why adult colouring is so accessible and over the period of a year I now have my own supplies!

We are currently loving using Staedtler Triplus colour pens (UK Link/US Link) – they do not bleed through the paper, which is great for adults and kids and they are really bright.  Plus you can get different nib sizes (UK LInk/US Link), my niece has the 3mm nib ones (I bought her them for Christmas and she adores them).  I also love the way they stand up in the packaging, so you can see the colours.

For a more inexpensive pen, we like the BIC kids coloring pens. These are great with minimal bleed through the paper and last for ages if you forget to put the lid back on (yes I am guilty of this)! (UK Link/US Link).

Again we have two distinct favourites.  One high quality and the other medium.  Staedtler Ergosoft pencils are great value.  They are soft and blendable and last really well.  These are our go to pencils for pretty much everything  (UK Link/US Link), they are not paying me to say this – honest! These are the pencils that the boys use for all their work and colouring too.

If money was no object then it would be Prismacolor pencils.  I was introduced to these by the amazing illustrator Jennie Maizels (go check out her sketchbook club, you can thank me later).  They are blendable, fantastic colours, durable and everything you could need, but are at the top of the price range.  (UK Link/US Link)

As you are printing off these pages you can control the quality of the paper and unlike colouring books that you buy, you can print one sided (whoop).  I print a lot of my pages on standard copier paper and if you have good quality art supplies then that is fine, however, if you are planning on framing or keeping your artwork then it would be better to print on a higher quality of paper.  Or if you plan on painting them, then you can print onto inkjet watercolour paper (UK Link/US Link).  For standard colouring get some bleed proof paper and use it to print off your pages (UK Link/US Link).

You need to have a good quality pencil sharpener for your pencils.  I LOVE my standard office supplies one.  It can be adjusted to sharpen to a killer point or to a more blunt edge and there is something therapeutic about the crank handle and all the shavings being collected (UK Link/US Link)!  We use a Staedtler pencil sharpener for our on the go one and this is the one we keep in pencil cases (UK Link/US Link).The other must have for me is a clipboard.  I am often found colouring in downstairs on the sofa on an evening (I try to reduce screens on a night) and rather than rest on a book I use a clipboard (UK Link/US Link).

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