Free Printable Grocery List with Categories

I designed this Free Printable Grocery List with Categories as since lockdown started my husband has been doing our weekly grocery shop and he hates it! So I wanted to give him a grocery list that was easier to read and that we can add to during the week. Free Printable Grocery List with Categories

Make your life simpler adn more organiased with our free printable grocery list with catagories. Shopping is easier with this free download.

I have tried to make it as simple as possible and broke it down to include the areas of the supermarket, so that he can either highlight or cross off items as he gets them.

It works really well for us, so I wanted to share it with you. Swipe down to the end to download your copy.

This grocery list will make shopping much simpler

He has used it for a couple of weeks now and much prefers it to just the list I used to give him on paper even though I tried to keep it in some sort of order, I always ran out of space!

Download your free grocery list with categories

I printed out a number of these and then added them to a clipboard on our fridge and then when any of us uses the last of something we can add it and also when I menu plan for the week I can finish the shopping list. If you like the sound of menu planning then check out how to menu plan and stick with it.

Grocery list

Download your Free Printable Grocery List with Categories