Free Printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt

These free printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt games are perfect for kids of all ages. Simply print and bring with you to the zoo. I am a big fan of scavenger hunts or eye spy for kids when visiting places as it gives them a sense of anticipation and fun.

Visiting the zoo is fun for children of all ages and even as an adult I love it, however, keeping a group of children of different ages and interests engaged can be really challenging. We are big fans of the zoo and spent a night at Whipsnade and we love London Zoo.

Zoo Scavenger hunt

That is where our zoo scavenger hunt printables come in. They are brilliant to take with you and to keep the kids engaged. From our simple zoo image scavenger print where children can just mark off the animals, they see (or dinosaurs if at Chester Zoo)!

Zoo animal colour hunt

A colour hunt is such good fun and a zoo is a fab place for one. Animals come in so many shapes and colours and it can be fun to try and find at least one of each on this unique scavenger hunt perfect for younger children.

a-z of zoo animals

How about you make the hunt for an animal whose name begins with each better of the alphabet. Is that even possible? I will leave you to answer that and if it isn’t possible, how about adding items that might be found in a zoo!

Find an animal - zoo scavenger hunt printable

Find an animal is a fab fun zoo scavenger hunt printable and we have two one easier and one slightly harder.

A fab selection of zoo scavenger hunt printables to download.

All you need to do is print out a sheet for each of the children and take a chipboard and pen for them too and then you can have endless hours of fun at the zoo.

These free printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt games are perfect for kids of all ages. Simply print and bring with you to the zoo.

Download your Free Printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt

These Zoo Scavenger Hunts are not about turning the zoo into a learning experience instead they are about making it a fun and more relaxing for children of all ages and multi age groups. You can use the scavenger hunt to give you more time to spend with other age children.

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