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This self-care advent calendar printable was inspired by the fact that we mums are often frazzled in the lead-up to Christmas during advent and I wanted to create something that enabled, no scrap that word, but it ensured we take time out to focus on ourselves even if it was for just 15 minutes a day. The p[popularity of advent calendars is massive, but some of the ones I see cost more than I would ever spend on a Christmas present! Do this Self Care Advent Calendar Printable is filled with low-cost or better still no-cost activities.

Free Self-Care Advent Calendar Printable

Free Self-Care Advent Calendar

This free self-care advent calendar is bursting with ideas to help nurture your needs over the festive season. With the cost of living increasing and the seasonal pressures, we need to look after ourselves and as my husband always reminds me we can’t pour from an empty cup.

Advent calendars are all about celebrating the magic and helping countdown each day in December to such a special day. This Self-care advent calendar is filled with prompts to remind you to create rituals and make time that focuses on you over the festive period.

I think that one of the reasons beauty advent calendars have become so popular is they allow you to take time out each day for yourself and as much as I love a beauty advent calendar, it is always a little disappointing when you get something that you won’t use. So if beauty calendars are your thing then pick up some travel-sized products that you can each day over December. I mean it would be perfect to do your nails one day and perhaps give yourself a spa treatment or hair mask.

A few years ago I made 24 DIY Numbered Advent Candles as a Countdown to Christmas and it is one of those projects that I have done each year since and I love. I use the time those small candles take to burn as a hint to focus on me every single day. So I am going to start this calendar with the suggestion that you make your own Advent Candle, even if it is just a jar candle that you burn each night and you use that time for meditation or mindfulness each day.

Rather than set each activity to a day and make these activities a burden, I have created a printable that you can print and pick what works for you. This is all about bringing you joy and not adding a must-do to your already busy day. This list is not something that you should dread, it should add to your day not detract from it! We also have some brilliant advent activity ideas for families so if you have kids then why not combine the two and that will keep them occupied to free up some of your time.

Free Self-Care Advent Calendar Printable

Inexpensive Self-Care Ideas for Advent

  1. Make an Advent Candle
  2. Take time to meditate each day.
  3. Play your favourite Christmas Music and dance.
  4. Read your favourite Christmas Book or order one from the Library – I have a soft spot for seasonal books and have a great suggestion list.
  5. Buy yourself a Christmas Gift and wrap it up!
  6. Watch that cheesy Christmas Movie that you love.
  7. Make an Epic Hot Chocolate and drink it in peace.
  8. Light candles and get the blankets out.
  9. Write a list of activities that make you happy and do one of them today.
  10. Go to bed early and read your favourite book.
  11. Organise a cookie bake with your friends. the only thing better than baking is baking with your friends.
  12. Have a bubble bath or shower and LOCK the door
  13. Do a random act of Kindness. – We have a whole act of kindness advent calendar if you fancy.
  14. Wear something that makes you smile.
  15. Change the bed and go to bed 20 mins early and luxuriate in those clean sheets!
  16. Make (or buy) your favourite soup and enjoy it with a friend.
  17. Arrange a Day date with your partner.
  18. Visit a museum or Gallery.
  19. Go for a walk and look at the Christmas decorations.
  20. Turn off your phone or just enjoy it guilt free!
  21. Have a pamper evening – facemask or hair mask your choice
  22. Do some seasonal colouring
  23. Make your own Christmas decorations or book a local class to make a wreath.
  24. Arrange a craft date with your friends.
  25. Bring some greenery into your home – take a nature walk and gather foliage to display in a vase at home.
  26. Say NO and don’t feel guilty
  27. Make a Christmas Playlist to play when you are feeling stressed
  28. Facetime your bestie
  29. Write a Thank you note.
  30. Remind yourself of three things you like about yourself.
  31. Go to the movies with your friends.
  32. Wrap Christmas Gifts early and enjoy it – set aside time to wrap your gifts in a way that makes you happy.
  33. Make time for Yoga.
  34. Make some DIY Bath products or body products.
  35. Make your own Candles.

If you need more ideas then we have a whole post dedicated to simple and inexpensive self-care ideas and then you can just chose your personal favorites

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Make your Own Self-Care Advent Calendar

I want you to make your own event calendar, filled with things that shout self-care to you. You can use my prompts above or add your own Christmas or December-themed self-care ideas (which is why there are some blank ones for you to fill in yourself). Try and set aside the time each day until Christmas Eve to find time for yourself amongst the craziness of this time of year. You can pop them in little envelopes if that makes you happy and that really is the idea of this calendar. It is all about joy and happiness and to add to the festivities not make life harder.

We have even added a black page so you can personalise the calendar. Can’t find the time everyday, then why not do a 12-day of Christmas one instead on the last 12 days up to Christmas day?

Free Self-Care Advent Calendar Printable

Download your Free Self Care Advent Activities

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