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Free things to do in London over the Easter break

As you may know London is Mini’s favorite city in the whole wide world (his words, not mine).  So we can often be found hopping on the train when we can grab an inexpensive fare and doing some sight seeing.  Also one Maxi’s school friends still visits a Dentist in London to have their invisible braces looked at (they used to live there) and they are going back over Easter and we are possibly going to London Zoo for an event too, so will need some other things to do too.

wenlocks and mandeville

We have become experts at finding inexpensive and free things to do in our capital city and one of the best trips we ever had involved hunting for Wenlocks and Mandevilles during the Olympic Games.  It really hit the mark for both the boys.  Maxi adores reading maps, so this was a great exercise for him as he got to direct us around the streets of London and Mini got to point out all the landmarks that he knew.

So I was really excited to hear about The Big Egg Hunt taking place over Easter.  Not only in London, but in other cities throughout the UK.  I know for a fact that if we were near any of them my boys would absolutely adore this.

This got me thinking about other inexpensive or free things you can do in London over the Easter Break.

  1. Lauderdale House – for £6.50 you can roll eggs, get involved in arts and crafts and also in an Easter egg hunt too.
  2. The Museum of Childhood, which is free entry has lots of Easter activities planned.  For more information please call 020 8983 5200.
  3. Handle House Museum has a free Baroque Music and Easter egg trail
  4. Museum of London has lots of free crafty events and workshops planned over the Easter Period.

View London is a great resource for looking for events and activities in London and is something that we always check out before going.