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#Freerangesummer doesn’t mean that I ignore my children………..

Nor does it mean that I let them be bored or fail to plan activities for us as a family.  I am not a parent that see’s boredom as a virtue, in fact I have a bored jar for times like that!

No a #freeRange Summer means that I am trying to give my children some freedom to play out.  That I am trying to establish some boundaries for them to stick too and to reduce their reliance on screens.  In today’s increasingly technological world they are increasingly looking at picking up a piece of technology to escape their boredom.

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I am trying as a parent to learn how to balance technology in my parenting, as really my boys are the first generation of children to have this access to tablets, PC’s, Video Games, Mobile Phones etc.  I do not want to exclude it totally, but I do need to find the right balance for us as a family.   I am still aware that there might be health risks from exposure these devices.

However, more and more they are coming home from school and showing me apps that they have used in a classroom situation, the most recent one Mini has been using to create cartoon strips.  So I realise that I can not exclude them using an Ipad, but I can regulate that use and make it as safe as I can.  I was recently sent a Pong Ipad case to review, which are designed to reduces exposure to radiation by up to 78%.  As a parent this is very important to me.  Safe to say I can not stop the boys using an Ipad (well I can, but I am not going to)!, but I can make using it as safe as possible.

We have some very strict rules when it comes to screens.  None other than TV after 6pm.  The Xbox has parental control with a time limit on and I am really strict with regards to the type of games that they can play or apps that I download for them.

My summer is going to be filled with weeks away with my children, with organised activities and visiting parks (where I hope to leave them to play while a read a book)!  The days are going to be spent with them playing cricket with friends and spending time in the midday heat making comics on the ipad.  What I am looking for is a balance that suits us as a family.

I am not advocated leaving your children to get bored, what I am advocating is allowing them some freedom where appropriate.   I think that it is OK to let children climb trees and role down grassy banks at castles if it is safe.

Whatever you do this summer, just make sure you have fun.

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