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We are at G with our cooking with kids a-z of ingredients and that means grape – grapes and cooking, well I was flummoxed!  Well that is until I remember seeing these fab Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites over at Eats Amazing.  So our Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites are made with grapes.

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites 4

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites


These are so simple to make that even toddlers could make these and we shook things up a bit by using what yogurt we had in the fridge and also adding some cake pop sticks in to some to turn them in to ice lollies.

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites ingredients



Equipment list

Silicone moulds
Cake pop sticks
Chopping board

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You could make this with any fruit.  East Amazing has ones with banana’s and raspberries and blueberries. You could also mix up the yogurt too, we used natural greek yoghurt mixed with vanilla bean paste, vanilla yoghurt and also cherry yogurt, however, if you are dairy free then soya yoghurt works really well too.

You really need to use silicone moulds or cake cases for these, we made some with paper cases, but they are hard to remove!

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites 1

Chopping grapes makes for great fine motor skills.  Maxi is getting really competent with his knife skills, but make sure you explain to hold the knife correctly, but more importantly that you need to hold the grape with your thumb and fore finger and cut between.  Grapes can be tricky as the skins take some cutting, so make sure your kids have a sharp knife (blunt knives cause more accidents as you have to apply more pressure to cut, making them harder to use).

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites  2

Maxi placed some grapes in the bottom of the silicone cups before filling them with yoghurt using our trusted scoop.

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites

We popped some cake pop sticks into the containers before we froze them, which make them perfect for eating as lollipops.

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The others we placed on to a tray and into the freezer overnight.

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Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites - Cooking with kids

This simple recipe can be made by children of all ages and abilities. Perfect as they are for a healthy snack or throw them onto granola for a fresh new breakfast idea.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes
Servings 12
Author Jen Walshaw


  • Fresh fruit
  • Yoghurt


  1. Put silicone cupcake cases onto a tray.
  2. Use a spoon or scoop to put yoghurt into each case.
  3. Put a few pieces of fruit into each cup
  4. Add cake pop sticks (optional)
  5. Freeze for 2 hours or until solid.
  6. Pop out of the cases and serve.

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites 6

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