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Fun things to do in Spain with your kids

Enjoy the beauty of Spain while taking your entire family on an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime. There are many different attractions found throughout the country that children and adults are sure to enjoy. Have tons of fun while making your way through Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, seeing different areas of Spain that you may have never experienced otherwise. Before booking your flights to Spain, plan out your holiday and best all inclusive family resorts before deciding which fun, kid-friendly attractions you will be visiting during your time here. Don’t forget to check out some of these hot spots that are sure to leave your family with long-lasting memories of their time in Spain.

Toy Museum of Catalonia – Start off your holiday to Spain in Barcelona. Just minutes away, visitors will find the town of Catalonia. Take the kids to the Toy Museum of Catalonia where you can browse through a wide collection of dolls, tricycles, puppets and other unique toys. With over 4,000 objects to see and explore at the Toy Museum of Catalonia, children are sure to have fun for hours as they learn about the different types of toys and their previous owners such as Salvador Dali and Joan Miro.

TibidaboTibidabo in Barcelona is a small amusement park for children and adults that can easily be accessed by boarding the Tramvia Blue trolley. Take a spin on amusement park rides for all ages; watch a movie at the four-dimensional movie theatre, stop into the one of a kind Robot Museum and much more. Amusement park admission prices are based on the height of your child during the time of your visit.

Safari Park at Aldea del Fresno – If enjoying a holiday in Madrid, Spain with the children, there’s no better place to go for a fun-filled day than the Safari Park at Aldea del Fresno. Get up close and personal with wildlife right from the comfort of your own car as you make your way around this drive-through safari park. Giraffes, rhinos and elephants are just some of what you may see just inches away from your car as you spend your day at the Safari Park at Aldea del Fresno.

Madrid Zoo and Aquarium – Another one of the most popular attractions that can be found in Madrid for children and adults to enjoy is the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium. Take a stroll around the zoo where you will find many different exhibits that are home to animals such as baby pandas, tigers, bears, elephants, monkeys and more. With over 5,000 different species of wildlife and ocean life to see and explore during your visit here, you are sure to spend hours having a fun-filled time. The Madrid Zoo and Aquarium is also conveniently located near the Warner Bros. Theme Park which offers many family-friendly and thrill rides for all ages to enjoy.

Terra Miticia – A family holiday in Valencia would not be complete without a stop at Terra Miticia, a large-scale theme park with rides, shows and attractions for guests of all ages. Small children will enjoy riding on replicas of larger, popular rides that can be found at the theme park. You may even choose to ride on the Magnus; Colossus which is the largest wooden roller coaster in all of Europe. Water rides, thrill rides and family rides are all themed around different areas of the world including Greece, Egypt and Oceania.

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