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Gadgets for the kids


When I was younger, there were no such things as gadgets – never mind one’s made for kids. Each Christmas, my list used to be topped by the latest pretty doll or a new sketchbook.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really like children using gadgets. We had tea in a pub recently and I was shocked to see one family dining in silence, with a child that barely took her eyes from her tablet computer. That’s what I don’t like about them – I would much rather see my kids getting active or doing something creative, rather than getting square eyes from staring at a mind-numbing screen.

However, after reading this post on the advantages of tablet computers for kids, I am starting to think that they may be a good idea for them for Christmas. After all, I would hate to think that my kids aren’t keeping up with the Jones’ and are getting left behind.

There’s so much choice on the market at the minute that I don’t know where to start. I’ve been doing some research online and here are some of the tablets that are in the running.


The undoubted leader of the tablet computer market is the iPad. Apple have a reputation for quality, and I know their customer service is outstanding after my dealings with them with an old iPod I had, so I know that if anything was to go wrong, I’d be taken care of.

Apple have just unveiled their new iPad Air, so I might be able to find some of their previous models at discounted prices. Paperstone seemed to have a really great range of iPads and iPods, plus they have accessories in stock, with something to suit my budget.

The only worry is that there are some things in the app store that I am not sure if I want the boys seeing and downloading, and I’m not sure if you can fully block them from seeing it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Just when I thought I was starting to get my head around the tablets already on the market, Samsung only go and unveil the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which is especially designed for kids. The tablet comes preloaded with lots of educational stuff (fab!), games, videos and even e-books, as well as a specially designed kid’s store.

I really like the time management feature, which allows parents to limit how long their child can use the device for. Once the time is up, a password needs to be entered to unlock it, so there’ll be no gaming past bedtime!

The only drawback with this tablet is that I can see my kids growing out of it in a few years’ time, so I will have to fork out even more money.

Whatever gadget I choose to get them, I will definitely be imposing rules upon them to avoid turning my kids into two little technology-addicted zombies.