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What can I say, my boys are nine and ten now and they are both gaming obsessed.  They love their Xbox and also saved up this year for a Wii U.  So I have to make it my business to keep up to date on what is going on in their gaming worlds!  GAME are aware that parents can get confused about all things gaming, so they have asked Gamer Claus to help out parents this Christmas.

Gaming terminology guide for parents

The thing with computer games is it seems like they have a terminology all of their own.  Not just the generic ones that apply to most games, but individual games have a language all of their own.  When the boys got in to Minecraft I made it my business to learn all about it and even produced my own Minecraft for parents post too.

Have your children wrote their christmas list yet?  Well it seems that children are no longer writing letters to Santa on paper according to new research conducted by GAME, which is launching its new Xmas List app this week, 29% using an ipad or phone to  produce their Christmas wish list and another 19% just pointing out to their parents the things they want as they appear on adverts on TV!

Gaming terminology guide for parents


So why not take a look at the fab glossary below and make sure that you know what the kids are talking about this Christmas and if you have any questions, then keep an eye open for Gmer Claus this Christmas.

Game xmas list - gaming terminology[1]

What games are your kids after for Christmas this year?

Gaming terminology guide for parents


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