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Garden Trends for 2023

What do you think are going to be the top garden trends for 2023? It seems that our focus on our homes and gardens shows no slowing down. There are so many places to look for inspiration for our indoor and outdoor space and having lived through the pandemic more and more of us see the benefits of outdoor living and enhancing our outdoor space.

What trends are we going to see in the Garden in 2023

So in order to give you a head start I have delved into Pinterest Predicts and the Garden Trends Report from Garden Media Group and also looked at what is hot in gardening TikTok.

Key Garden Trends for 2023

Terracotta Hues

Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group, delivered the 2023 Garden Trends Report and announced that terracotta is the color of the year and Pinterest seems to feel that is spot on with Rust colours being the focus on weddings including terracotta bridesmaid dresses and Burnt orange wedding themes. This trend toward natural warmth in colour will also influence plant and flower choices, such as pansies and dahlias in a range of coppery hues. If full-on orange isn’t for you then use it to add pops of colour and visual interest.

2022 was the year of scalloped edges terracotta pots and in 2023 people will look to use this classic colour in new container styles or even embrace the ’70s feel with fringing and macrame. The colour isn’t just for pots though, it will show itself in rugs, cushions and accessories too.

Greek-inspired Gardens

Taking the lead from Gen Z, gardens will be embracing all things greek thanks to extreme heat, droughts and hosepipe bans. Starting with terra cotta, and moving to drought-tolerant planting including thymes, cistus, lavenders and Greek natives. These are deliberately chosen for their ability to tolerate the wetter winters and drier summers climate change seems to be bringing to the UK.

Stone walls, archways, and a pale-coloured backdrop are typical features of a Greek garden as are sculptures and elevated patios can create the impression of a hilly terrace on a Greek island with plants to shade seating areas, and using hardy and water-wise plants like succulents and boxwood, as well as bulbs like agapanthus.

Frugal Gardening

The cost of living crisis is going to hit our gardens in 2023 many gardeners will be swapping cheerful but short-lived bedding plants for persistent perennials, shopping secondhand instead of new and swapping seeds and plants with fellow growers. Last year we predicted that cutting gardens would be all the rage and we don’t see that changing as it allows people to bring cost-effective flowers into their homes. Retailers will also have to get used to more and more gardeners looking for the best bargains online including searching for discount codes like this simply paving promo code and making purchases online.


When it comes to hard landscaping we are moving to more Meditarnian-inspired tiles and natural stone paving. Tiles are going to be a big trend in 2023 as more and more designers are now using them and Consumers are looking for self-expression including adding built-in fire pits and seating.


According to Pinterest in 2023, people will take water conservation to new heights. And this doesn’t just apply to drought-stricken environments: Boomers and Gen X all over the globe will invest in rainwater harvesting, rain barrels and drought-tolerant landscaping for natural ways to make their homes more sustainable. The world is getting hotter, and as a result, hardiness zones have changed and we need to adapt to hosepipe bans and droughts in more ingenious ways not just for our plans but also for the wildlife and insects in our gardens.

Key Garden Trends for 2023


Just as Booktok has taken the world by storm this year, planttok will become massive in gardening. Just check out Gnomecore and Moon Gardens to see how it is changing the face of social media.

The average TikTok user spends 52 minutes a day on the video-sharing app. TikTok is a significant force for trends and is great for getting the scoop about trending plants or advice on what to grow, how to cultivate and propagate. I mean look at how it drove Daliahs to the forefront this year.


We live with an ageing population and accessibility is key not just for disabled gardening but also for the super-agers who may not have a large garden anymore (They are the boomer generation, who are going to live way past their 80s but with brain power that’s 30 years younger).

This falls in line with Pinterest trends in the front of the house as not everyone can afford a home with a back garden or yard (millennials are being priced out of the market at the moment).

Discover the growing trends in gardening for 2023. The key garden trends for 2023 will be huge for outdoor spaces.

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