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One of the things that I find so challenging about motherhood is the constant laundry.  It is never ending especially with two boys which are just noise with muck on.  Add football and cricket kit to the regular weekly clothes and it can become overwhelming.  There is nothing more disappointing that putting a load of washing in and then finding that it is still dirty after the wash. So here I am going to share my top 5 Genius Laundry Hacks and also review a new innovative laundry product.

5 Genius Laundry Hacks with New Persil Powergems

I am going to be honest and say that Persil is my go to washing liquid.  It doesn’t aggravate Maxi’s eczema, Mini likes the smell and it is reliable.  I also try and keep on top of the laundry and not let stains set (something I learned from my mum). Also, this is a paid review but that doesn’t influence my opinion and I will always be honest,

Persil Powergems are packed with two and a half times more stain removal power to help tackle stubborn stains. They are designed not only to clean and remove stains but also care for your clothes and add freshness.   Mini loves the long lasting fragrance and as I really love the fact that they really do seem to get our clothes clean. without the need for any additional washing.

I have done 10 washes with the new Persil Ultimate Powergems and have been delighted with the results.  I have not had to rewash any of the clothes and it even managed to get tomato sauce out of a school shirt with no pre-treating.

Not only is it time-saving to have to only wash clothes once, but it saves money, energy and hassle.

What we like about Persil Powergems

  • The packaging is really compact – perfect when you do not have a lot of room for storage.
  • The dosing information is really clear on the inside of the cap.
  • There is an inner childproof cap that fits really securely meaning that I do not have to keep it out of the kids reach.
  • It comes in Non Bio and Bio in 12, 19 and 30 wash packs.
  • The fragrance seems to have staying power.

My top tip for using Persil Powergems – You just need to be careful and place the green cap on top of your laundry and tip it back slightly as the first time I used them they slid between the door and the drum and didn’t dissolve correctly (I should have read the instructions)!

I think the proof that we really rate Persil Powergems is that I have switched to buying them from the liquid that I would normally purchase. But don’t just take my word for it take a look the other reviews from In the Playroom,  Family Budgeting, The Pink Princesses, Mummy Fever Crafts on Sea, Helpful Mum, New Young Mum, Mudpie Fridays, Going on an Adventure and Katy Kicker

5 Genius Laundry Hacks

5 Genius Laundry Hacks

Chalk is a great way to combat grease stains.  Rub a stick of chalk against the stain and then pop in the washer.  The chalk absorbs the grease and then washing it removes the chalk.

Always turn t-shirts with a graphic design inside out before cleaning.  Doing so will prevent the design from cracking or peeling.

Don’t wash everything after one wear – If your kids are like mine they have a tendency to put it in the wash rather than back in the cupboard, so I check if their clothes actually need washing.  More often than not they get popped back in the cupboard and they are none the wiser!

Cut down on clothes sorting time by having a hamper with a section for lights and darks.  We have a basket in our downstairs loo for our washing with two sections.  it makes life so much easier.

Teach the children and your partner how to do the laundry – This was a life changer for me.  Now I just have to say can you pop the washing on and either the boys or MadDad will do it.  You do not have to do everything and delegating is a great thing.

5 Genius laundry hacks that you will wish you had known sooner. Make laundry simpler with these fab tips and tricks from Mum in the Mad House

Do you have any genius laundry hacks or hints and tips to make laundry easier?  Just leave them in the comments.

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