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It is our half term next week and we are big fans of the great outdoors and very lucky to have some wonderful diverse countryside on our doorstep.  We are less than a minute from a fab woodland area  5 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from the North Yorkshire moors.

One of the things that stop people getting outdoors is that they are not appropriately dressed.  We have been trying out some splats and have to say they are the perfect footwear for our damp autumn and are easy for the boys to put on themselves, warmer than wellies and are great for Mini, who can not get into wellies with his wide feet and large instep.  So make sure you are all wrapped up warm and that you can keep dry.  The boys also have waterproof overtrousers, so that rain doesn’t stop play!

I often find that this half term is one of the most exhilarating to be out in.  We need to make the most of the daylight before the darker days and nights creep in.  So here are some hints, tips and ideas for making the most of this half term.

  • The woodland trust have a great spooky activities for over Halloween, including making a twig skeleton or looking for witches faces in the cark in the trees.
  • Collect leaves for autumn crafts
  • Go puddle jumping.  Yes even the adults!
  • Find local places you haven’t been and pack a flask of hot chocolate and visit.  We went to the Angel of the North and had a great time.
  • Visit your local RSBP Centre and talk about the birds migration habits
  • Go climb a tree
  • Visit the seaside.  There is nothing more wonderful than a brisk walk on the beach collecting shells than fish and chips.

Family Budgeting has some great tips for half-term on a budget. If you cant leave home this half term, perhaps due to illness or other issues then Going on an Adventure has some ace ideas for half term activities at home.

5 thoughts on “Get outside this half term

  • sarahmumof3

    Your Commentsthis half term is the best for getting outdoors, such lovely autumn leaves everywhere, the weather normaly just erfectly crisp with enough puddles to jump in too 🙂

  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome

    I took my 14 month old puddle jumping this half term in an all in one waterproof and it was one of the best mornings we have ever had. It’s been a nice Autumn and I have really enjoyed getting out in it as I usually see it pass me by through an office window!

  • Kevin

    Holley, I love when the park is like mine’. The park remains open year round, but the tosirut traffic drops dramatically. I like most when I am there alone, which happens quite a bit as the temps drop. I think it is such a pretty landscape coated with ice and snow. Like I showed in the post, the ice forms due to the mist of the Falls. Through the winter, the patterns of ice change as more and more builds up. Spring will roll around again and the large expanses will fill up again with turf grass, native grasses and wildflowers. Summer comes and it is a madhouse with people, so much so, that the beauty gets a little obliterated. The park state police are there year round too, so it gives me some semblance of safety. When I was there yesterday for the sunny images, an officer started his siren. I thought he meant it for me because the bridge I was on was was a sheet of ice. Then he drove up because I was looking strangely at him and he told me he saw a guy perilously to the edge. This is why he sounded the alarm. I am surprised the guy did not fall in scared by the loud siren. Someday I will do a post on these crazy people. I have images of them doing the stupidest things around the Falls.

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