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This past week we have been working hard to drink more water as part of a partnership with Robinsond Squash’d and take their #getSquashd challenge.  As part of Nutrition and Hydration week Robinsons Squash’d asked Maxi to try to increase his water intake. How did he do?  Well, we are going to share that with you and what worked for us and why we think it worked.

How to get your teen to drink more water

Firstly, quite a few people were astounded at just how much water teenagers should be drinking each day.  It did seem a lot initially, however, once you start taking into account other drinks this is pretty easy to accomplish.  Both of my boys are sporty and I think that this really helps with their consumption of water as their coaches and teachers always encourage them to drink water.

For me as a parent, I want to encourage the boys to make healthy choices with drinks.  I hope that by empowering them with information allows them to do that.  I am happy knowing that Robinsons Squash’d contains 3 calories or less per 250ml serving and zero sugar so is a great choice.  It also contains real fruit in every drop, and makes 20 tasty drinks, anywhere.

How to get your teen to drink more water

  • The biggest change for Maxi was taking a bottle of Robinsons Squash’d to school with him each day and changing his water bottle, so that it wasn’t see through.  They are allowed to top up their water bottles at break time from the school water fountains.  By adding Squash’d to his bottle he actually doubled what he drank at school each day which was a total win!
  • Cool it – Always having cold water available.  My boys prefer drinking chilled water and this increases their consumption.  When we do not have room in the fridge for water bottles, then I make sure we have lot of ice cubes available for them to use.
  • Set a good example.  I have learned over the years that I need to lead by example.  I demonstrate good behaviour in the hope that behaviour breeds behaviour. This is harder as the boys become older, but find a good role model for them.  My boys listen to their sports coaches and teachers
  • Prove it makes a difference.  This has really worked for us.  When Maxi has complained of a headache instead of reaching for a painkiller he has to drink a couple of glasses of water first.  Guess what, nine out of ten times his headache goes and it was lack of water!
  • Remind them, but do not nag.  Oh this is a hard balancing act.  I just ask and more often than not will just give them a drink when I am having one.  For other children, a chart in their diary and some stickers work well, especially when you have planner and stationery loving teens.
  • Don’t give them a choice.  I think this might be controversial, but we do not have bottomless drinks when we go out.  We have a glass each and then get tap water brought to the table.
  • Let them make a choice. Coconut water seems to be in fashion at the moment and Maxi wanted to try it, so I let him.  However, he really didn’t enjoy it.  Add some Robinsons Squash’d to it and he loved it!

How increasing his water intake made Maxi feel this week.

I have had a really active week with three football matches, three PE lessons and football training and drinking more has really helped with my energy levels.  I also noticed that I had less muscle pain when I drank more before and after sports.  Instead of just drinking one bottle of sports drink, I have also had about 500ml of water or Robinsons Squash’d.  I think it has helped with the muscle pains I sometimes get after playing so much.  It has been a great week as we are now in the final of the Cup with school and the semi-final of the League Cup with my football team.

I don’t mind drinking ice cold water, but we dont get that ar school, so keeping a bottle of Robinsons Squash’d in my backpack has really made a difference.  I am drinking twice as much at school and also topping up my bottle before getting on the bus home.

Drinking more water has also meant that I have not had a headache.  Sometimes the school bus is so hot that I get a headache after getting off the bus.  Plus I have not had any growing pains, which Mum thinks could be due to drinking more water. 

I really love the taste of the Robinsons Squash’d that I tried and so did my mates.  It hasn’t just increased my intake as my younger brother has drank more as he really loves the Passion Fruit & Mango variety and has been taking that to school too. 

How to get your teen to drink more water

We are converted. Robinsons Squash’d has already been added to next week’s shopping list and both of the boys have a new bottle in their backpacks for school next week. Mini has asked for a bigger school water bottle like Maxi’s (which is 500ml) and to make sure that it is opaque.

Maxi is going to be taking questions and doing a Facebook live this week, so make sure you leave us any questions for him below and also make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Robinsons on Twitter and Instagram

Disclosure: I am working with Robinsons Squash’d in a paid relationship.  Find out more about Robinsons here.

8 thoughts on “How to get your teen to drink more water

  • Mary Louise

    Hey Maxi
    Great job at all that water drinking! I have a four-year-old and her water bottle is available to her whenever she needs a drink at school – she is allowed to help herself.
    Is this option the same for bigger school or are you only allowed to drink at certain times?

  • Clare aka Emmy's Mummy

    I find it hard to drink enough myself but always try to make sure the kids have plenty of water or squash. We’ve a water filter jug which goes in the fridge which they prefer drinking from

  • Kara

    Kian is having braces fitted and has been told he has to drink more water. I think having a flavour may encourage him more

  • Cass Bailey

    Well done Maxi!

    I love seeing my two drink water and I’m surprised at how much they actually drink these days. Those Squash’d bottles are amazing x

  • Karen Langridge

    It’s great that topping up with fluids helps get rid of his headaches, I always feel my two don’t drink enough but I try my best, I will have to get them to try Robinsons Squash’d x

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