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Now is the time to get your kids school uniform for next year. Over the years my boys have tried and tested pretty much all the school uniform out there and one has always come out best value time and time again.   So read on if you want to find out how and where to get the best value school uniform for your kids…

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This year you can get a whole school uniform from Aldi for just £4!  Yes, £4 for a pair of trousers, a polo shirt and a round neck sweatshirt.  As regular readers might know I am an Aldi regular and have purchased their school uniform before and have been really impressed at the value and wearability.

But don’t just take my word for it, Aldi, being Aldi they got the testers in!

I will be there to pick up more trousers and poloshirts for the boys on Thursday 25th July.  The trousers do not have adjustable waists, but the fit my lanky Maxi, who normally needs adjustables.

Aldi school uniform goes on sale 25th July 2015


  • Boys Trousers (Black) £1.50
  • Boys Trousers (Grey/Navy) £1.50
  • Girls Pleated Skirt £1.50
  • Girls Trousers £1.50
  • Boys Plain Polo Shirt £1.25
  • Boys/Girls Round Neck Sweater £1.25
  • Girls Plain Polo £1.25
  • Children’s School Swimwear -£3.99
  • Children’s Trainers £3.99
  • Girls Knee High Socks 5PK £3.49
  • Boys/Girls Jogging Bottoms £2.99
  • Boys/Girls PE Shorts/Skort £2.79
  • Boys Ankle Socks 5PK £1.99
  • Boys Briefs/Boxers £1.99
  • Boys SS Shirts £1.99
  • Boys Vest 3PK £1.99
  • Boys/Girls Round Neck T-Shirt £1.99
  • Girls Ankle Socks 5PK £1.99
  • Girls Briefs 5PK £1.99
  • Girls SS Shirts £1.99
  • Girls Vest 3PK £1.99
  • Children’s Plimsolls £1.79

Get the Best Value School Uniform

The back to school range goes up to age 11, which is the perfect size for Maxi.  I just hope that they decide to go larger next year! and that they also decide to do red polo shirts!

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Disclosure, we were sent one £4 school uniform to try, however, I have bought them in previous years and will be back buying it again this year!

Each year I do a back to school linky, which is a great resource for planning and easing back in to school.  This year I am starting it early!


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20 thoughts on “Get the Best Value School Uniform

  • Charly Dove

    What amazing value for a uniform Jen, quite astounding really. We’ve just got a cardigan so far (today!) – POD hates it! Need to get the rest fairly sharpish by the sounds of things although it’s only the cardi that needs to be branded thankfully x

  • Jess Howliston

    Thats amazing that you can get a while uniform for just £4! My little monkey goes through uniform like its going out of fashion especially trousers as he seems to run and then fall everywhere he goes at school! Our nearest Aldi is a bit of a drive about but im thinking at these prices it may worth the drive! x

  • Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

    wow £4 for a uniform is amazing value, I have never even thought to get uniform from Aldi before. My oldest is in secondary school now so her uniform is very expensive as it need’s to be brought from a specialist shop but i will checking Aldi out when my younger children start school in a few years time x

  • Helen Gandy

    We don’t need to buy a school uniform just yet but will be next year and I will be scoring the internet for various reviews, thanks for sharing I will bear it in mind 🙂

  • Marija

    True.. I’m buying mine from there too… Even their kids’ underwear is a great bargain. ..and great quality too

  • oana79

    Oh, Jen, we don’t have Aldi in Northern Ireland!
    On a different note, how can they afford making uniforms so cheap, the material alone would be more expensive than that, let alone workmanship and all!?!xx

  • Laura

    School uniform can really add up so it’s nice when you can buy some bits and bobs fairly cheaply.

    (By the way, I’m getting a ‘this video has been removed by the user’ message when I try to pay the YouTube clip.)

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