Getting organised in the New Year with Journl and our Merlin Annual Pass 57

One of my intentions for 2015 is to be organised, but to also have less clutter in my life.  Now the boys are older, I no longer have to carry around a large bag with lots of paraphernalia, so I have gone back to a small bag and some days no bag at all and the only things that I carry around with me are my purse and my phone.

So for the last couple of months I have been using an app called Journl to help me be more organised.  Since becoming a mum I went back to using a paper diary and notebook, but I realised that it made sense to try an electronic organiser again as I ALWAY have my phone with me.

four passes for York Dungeon

I has taken me 21 days to come to rely on it and this year it is going to make sure that we get the most out of our fantastic new Merlin Annual Passes.  I have previously said that as a family we get much more happiness from experiences than things, so Merlin Annual Passes are the best thing we could have received for Christmas this year as they are going to give us a year of fun, excitement and experience.


Journl allows me to have separate calendars for work and home, which should be work and boys (as they have a busier social life than I do) and I can also create notes and todo lists for both of them separately too.

One of the most used parts for me as been the shopping list as I can add to it as soon as I realise that I am missing something and no more list left at home!

You can even upload documents, so no more worrying about losing tickets etc, as I always panic that I don’t have everything I need on hand.

Journl isnt perfect, but it does go a long way to providing me with the things I need from an organiser.

I can have it open on my PC at home, but also access everything on it on my phone or other device.


I like that it is simple, easy to use and doesn’t try too hard, which for me is perfect.

Journl isn’t free.  You can have a 30 day trial for you to try out. After that it’s £4.99 per month or £39 per year.  For me this is acceptable if I use it and so far I have.

Guy Fawkes

I used Journl to help plan a visit to York Dungeon using our Merlin Annual Passes in December and we had a fantastic time.

York Dungeon don’t allow images, but it was an amazing experience and Mini had THE BEST time.  They’re staffed by a team of professional actors that make sure you all get the best out of your 80 minute visit and the 12 different shows.  They even managed to get the Husbeast up on the dock during one of them!

The Dungeons are not for everyone and I think that eight is the perfect lower age for kids to visit, but you know if your kids are easily spooked.  In fact I think I was the one that was the most scared.

But if you fancy finding out for yourself I have four passes for York Dungeon or one closer to you thanks to Merlin Annual Pass.

four passes for York Dungeon

Actually now is the PERFECT time to buy your Merlin Annual Pass as you won’t see a lower price all year.  So from just £99* per person you could have access to all 31 UK attractions and visit them as many times as you like!

So why not get organised and fill up your planner for the year full or experiences to creative lots of happiness by buying your Merlin annual passes at their lowest price.



Disclaimer:- I was given one year’s subscription to Journl, but I’ll be renewing it next year. and we were also given four Merlin Annual Passes.  *The Merlin Annual Pass is just £99 per person when you buy a family set of three standard passes.