Gifts people working from Home will really love 5

Gifts people working from Home will really love has been updated for 2023. I have been working from home now for 16 years and my husband has also worked from home during lockdown and now I have my eldest Hybrid working so he works from home a couple of days each week. So we put together a gift guide for people who work from home – gifts that they will really love and appreciate, not ones that will go in the cupboard until they can re-gift them!

The best working from home gifts that people will actually love! Find the perfect home office gifts and more here.

Now my best working from home is something that you can not give for Christmas, but something that brings me joy and companionship every single day. Alvin our pooch is such great company and really would be the ultimate gifts for working from Home.

The best working from home gifts that people will actually love! Find the perfect home office gifts and more here.

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Gifts people working from Home will really love noise cancelling headphones

Gifts people working from Home will really love

The best gift that I was given last Christmas was a set of Bose Noise Cancelling headphones (UK Link/US Link). I never thought I would get so much use out of them, but they have been invaluable this year. I have been able to block out the constant noise from the husbeasts calls and they even blocked out the children when they were home-educating. They have been perfect for zoom calls too. whilst `I love my Bose, the teens both have Sony over-ear headphones that they really rate. We feel that they are comfier than in-ear ones when you need to wear them more often for calls plus the sound quality is great for music-loving teens so they double up and are pretty much in constant use.

When you are working at home it is important to be warm, however, if you are anything like me then you won’t want to put the heating on for just one person. The Stoov Big Hug has revolutionised my chair. It is now like the best-heated car seat you could ever imagine and it looks fabulous too. This amazing heated seat pad provides me with multizoned heating via infrared technology keeping both my back and bottom warm. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and has three heat settings keeping me warm and cosy all day.

This has been such a hit that Maxi has one on his wish list for his home office space and when I am not around and he is working from home he takes mine which is the woolly white XL version which is very much like the sheepskin I used to use. However, as it is cordless you can take it anywhere – don;t have heated seats in your car, then this would be perfect for that or for an elderly relative that really feels the cold.

Gifts people working from Home will really love Desk swing

I am rather short and love the idea of a foot hammock. When I worked in an office I was in charge of workstation assessments and know how important good posture is and lifting your feet can really help and this is a fun inexpensive gift (UK Link/US Link).

During winter I refuse to put the heating on just for me during the day and therefore, would love someone to buy me one of these heated throws so I can wrap myself up like a burrito! (UK Link/US Link)

Now if you are looking to blow the budget, I am going to let you into a secret. The best gift you could buy is a brilliant desk chair. I have a second-hand Aeron from Herman Miller and it is over 25 years old now (I have had it at home for the last 16 years) and you can not put a price on looking after your back and sitting comfortably. There is a reason why the Aeron is one of the world’s most popular and long-lasting iconic office chairs.

This door sign has become invaluable since Maxi started working from home. A lot of his work is via video link. It is an inexpensive solution that works.

BothMaxi and I wear blue light glasses if we are working at our screens all day. They are inexpensive but seem to reduce headaches and help with sleep.

Now this isn’t my cup of tea, but I know a lot of people need their coffee (Well the husband does)! So having a great coffee machine at home is a must. it will help make up for all the takeaway coffees you will save on not being at work. I have iot on good advice that if you are looking for a great bean to cup machine then the way to go is a Sage machine – The Barista Express is an investment machine that makes amazing coffee (UK Link/US Link.

However, if you are looking for a more reasonable price coffee machine you could do much worse than a Tassimo. We are on our second machine and the husband swears by it. This is the exact machine that we have and you can change the strength, temperature and size of your drink (UK Link/US Link).

Now, this is more of my wheelhouse as a Tea Monster. I would love a tea subscription from Bird and Blend.

Another work from home essential is warm feet and I achieve this with fabulous sheepskin slippers and these from Lotta from Stockholm are great value.

When it comes to men’s sheepskin slippers they are often multi fit ie small, medium and large, however, these men’s shearling-lined suede slippers from Fitflop come in specific sizes perfect for Maxi (18) who is an EU 43 or a UK 9. These were supposed to be for his Dad but he claimed them as soon as they arrived (I have ordered another pair for the husbeast for Christmas). When Maxi is not wearing these slippers he is in his classic crocs!

These Alpaca House socks area cosy luxury, perfect for padding about the house, curling up on the sofa, keeping warm by the fire or when at your desk. 

Something I use daily over the autumn and winter at home is my SAD lamp. It is 1000 lumins and I use it for 30 minutes each day to keep the seasonal depression at bay. I have a small portable one that I can use in different rooms.

I am also a huge fan of an eco scented candles and the amber glass apothecary jar candles create a beautiful warm glow when burning. I love this Basil and Lime scented one and it is a permanent feature on my desk.

A beautiful desk calendar is the perfect desk companion and I love this Rifle Paper Company one from Papermash. There is something new to see each time you look.

This Tablet Desk Calendar is more understated and minimal. It is made up of movable date tablets, allowing this to last forever. This is from Present & Correct, if you love stationery then you will find yourself lost in this web site.

Gifts people working from Home will really love plant

One of the things that helped get me through the first lockdown and working from home was greenery. Yep, plants. Bringing the outside in is a brilliant way to improve any work from home environment. I am big fan of string of heart plants. I have two and they have thrived this year – super easy to look after and inexpensive. This one from Hey Ho & Co is £9.

Gifts people working from Home will really love candle holders

It can get pretty dark during winter when you are working from home in the UK. I have task lighting, but nothing beats the warming glow of candles and these beautiful candle holders from Lillian Daph are stunning.

Music is also essential for me for working from home. We have Amazon Prime Music at home and love it – You can get a free 3 month trial subscription. An Amazon Show (UK Link/US Link) is great for this and also for linking your ring doorbell too, so you don’t have to keep interrupting work to get up (UK Link/US Link) .

You can also watch Amazon Prime Video on your Show too (sign up for a free 30-day trial) – I am not going to lie, I tend to sit with something playing in the background during the day as it is easy to listen to that than the husbeasts calls. I even subscribed for the seven day trial of the Hallmark channel after reading Whos the Mummy’s best festive movies to watch.

This is a handy little gadget if you want to look better on zoom calls over the winter season. A vlogging light with a clip for your camera too and for under £20 a great gift.

Working from home doesn’t mean that you can not have beautiful stationery and I am a real stationery fan and LOVE my Cross Pen a lot. I have had this since the beginning of the year and use it every day. Not only does it write beautifully it has a really lovely weight to it and I will use it every day for years and years.

The best working from home gifts that people will actually love! Find the perfect home office gifts and more here.

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean that you can not do a Secret Santa and this £5 gift of Seeds from Oxfam unwrapped would be my choice.

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