Girls in Football – Breaking down Barriers 9

As the mum of a couple of football mad boys, I am well aware of the huge benefits of team sports and specifically football, so I am delighted to be working with SSE again in breaking down barriers and discuss girls in football and their Dads and Daughters Series.

Girls in Football - Breaking down Barriers

I see the changes in recent years and know that the beautiful game is definitely appealing more and more to girls and is no longer just a male dominated sport.  The local football team that Maxi plays for almost has as many girls teams as it has boys and they have some fantastic young female referees too.  SSE are committed to improving girls only football provisions.

Girls in Football - Breaking down Barriers

Dads are often imperative in getting their daughters into football and today I want to share with you the story of Flo and Ron Allen. 17 Year old Flo is one of England’s top prospects for the Woman’s Senior team and recently had to make the decision to move from Norfolk to Bristol to follow her dream of being a professional footballer.

I understand the relationship that Flo has with her Dad Allen and football has just brought them closer.  I was a Daddy’s girl and always went to my Dad first for everything and Flo reminds me of the wonderful relationship I had with my Dad.  Just take a look at the video below to find out more about Flo.

To find out more about the work SSE are doing in women’s football visit:

I love that Flo has followed her dream and made it to the Under 17’s Woman’s World Cup and that the FA SSE girls Football Participation Programme is running with more than 60 clubs taking part around the country, increasing the number of girls only football provisions.

I also love that as I am typing this England are playing Japan in the quarter final and my boys are engrossed watching.  it is just a shame it isn’t on terrestrial TV.

Girls in Football - Breaking down Barriers

It is taking such a long time for the barriers to be broken down and for girls football to be accessible, but I can see it happening and am delighted to be able to see it first hand with our local junior football club.

Do you watch ladies football?  Do your daughters play football or watch it with their Dad’s on a weekly basis?

Girls in Football - Breaking down Barriers

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