Give Girls Power #givegirlspower 3

As a woman, I am a true believer in empowering other women to be able to make the right decisions for themselves.  I was fortunate enough to visit a township in South Africa with a friend of mine who works for a charity supplying information about family planning and sexual education and it was a real eye opener for me.

As a mother, I can not imagine a child being force to have a child.  Children should not be having children.

As a blogger, I do all I can and that is blog.

As a reader, I ask that you take ten minutes out of your busy life to read and take action.

The family planning summit, backed by the Gates Foundation, UNFPA, charities, campaigners and attended by governments from across the globe, is a chance to make a real change in the lives of millions of women which would have knock on effects in whole communities and nations.

David Cameron is hosting a family planning summit on Wednesday 11 July (yes, tomorrow).  This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help girls and women make decisions over when and whether to have babies. Save the Children we want him to lead the summit to take action on empowerment, sex education and health care as well as providing more contraceptives.

How family planning saves children’s lives

When adolescent girls have the power to delay pregnancy until their bodies are ready, fewer children die.

When women can choose to leave a healthy space between their pregnancies, their babies are better nourished, and fewer children die.

And when more children survive, women have fewer children and families become smaller.

Children get to grow up in a world where there’s more to go around.

Contraception and the expert advice and care provided by health workers are crucial to creating this virtuous circle.

But above all, what’s needed is a profound shift that sees women educated and empowered to make the right decisions for themselves and their children.

If you agree then, please take the following action:

  • Sign this petition before tomorrow’s summit (why not do it NOW)
  • Tweet David Cameron and Number 10 directly with this: All women should have power to decide when & how many children they have. @number10gov pls #givegirlspower at #fpsummit Lives depend on it.
  • We are hoping to whip up a twitter storm at 11 o’clock tomorrow morning for ten minutes because, as Save the Children found with the #passiton campaign last year, government ministers sit up and take notice when lots of people shout at the same time. So if you could make sure you tweet then it would be fab, you could always schedule one if you are not around.
  • Retweet any blog posts you see with the #givegirlspower hashtag.