Giving and Receving

I have said it before and I will say it again. The Internet, the WWW, the blogosphere, it has been wonderful to me. It has kept me sane on the dark nights when sleep has refused to blanket me with it warming cocoon, it has kept me company whilst sitting in bed waiting for healing to start and it has made me giggle in my darkest moments.

With this is mind, I am always more than happy to give when I can to fellow bloggers.
First off, a small piece of fabric for the lovely Mary Poppins, Mary is making a curtain and this will be used in it, Mary and I have a thing, we both understand the horrow of a child with a chest condition.
Secondly a bag of selvages for my wonderful friend Abby over at Mutterings from the Moor, Abby made my fantastic birthday present, a super duper bear and she also makes them out of old children’s clothes and even wedding dresses for all of you wondering what to do with your dress. If you want to know about her need for selvages see here.

And finally, but not least, a number of pin cushions, stuffed with lavender in a heart theme and a mother of heart button heart for LizzyLou. Lizzy is holding a craft stall in aid of The British Heart Foundation. 

Speaking of giving, Magic Mummy over at The Diary of a Frugal Family, has awarded me with an Inspirational Blog Award and I am more than pleased to receive such a lovely award. Please do visit Magic Mummy, who is doing the best she can to live a frugal lifestyle.

It is now down to me to pass this on to 3 blogs which inspire me too, so I am going to be passing this on to:

Cathy at NurtureStore. She is another mummy, who loves to do lots of crafty things and I just love, love, love her ideas.

Melitsa at Play-activities, again another mummy who inspires me to play everyday with the mini’s.

Stephanie at Bah to Cancer!, this lady never fails to inspire me, she is just well one of a kind and more than that when she dances she just gets everyone on the dance floor with her and I for one am so enjoying boogieing round my handbag with her