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Giving up shouting for Lent

We have talked a lot in The Mad House about what Lent is and what it means and last year we discussed the fact that Lent is about repentance, this year I am looking at reinforcing that message with them.

I tried giving up shouting last year, but wasn’t too successful, so I am going to give it another go again this year, in fact we are all going to try and keep the volume turned down.


One other thing we are going to do is use the time to give to people less fortunate than us.  I want the boys to have an understanding of Charity and Red Nose Day does help this.  So after reading on Angela’s Blog Tracing Rainbows, about her doing a giveaway each week, we have decided that we are all going to give something to the charity shop each week.  The boys are already discussing which ones to give away.

SO what are you doing over Lent?

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