Grandma 44

Today is the day that we all say our final goodbyes to Mum.  Her funeral is at 1pm and then she will be buried and we will be having a party to celebrate her life.  I will be saying a eulogy in the church, I did for Dad too.  I have decided to talk about mum as a Grandma.


To our Grandma

Whist talking to the boys and Tori about Grandma, I decided to write down the things that made mum such a special Grandma to three wonderful children.

She lets us play what we want with her.

We get to bake and make traffic light jellies.

She is really happy when we are good.

We walk to see the penguins and then slide down the sea wall on our bums (resulting in holes in the bottom of trousers) and a grumpy mummy as she would never let us.

She always had a sweet or drink for us and gave the best cuddles in the whole wide world.

She made the best casserole in the country and breakfasts at Nobles were a treat for all the children and mum too, as it meant no cooking!

During our conversations, one thing kept coming back to me and it was time.

Mum gave them all time, her undivided attention and she showered them with her time.

Whether it be cuddling Finlay whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing or cutting up fabric with Tori to make dolls dresses or helping Robbie make a car track.  When she was with them she was theirs 100%.

Of all the losses, I believe that her Grandchildren’s is the greatest.  She was a good mum, but she was a great grandma.  She carried their images around in her purse getting them out to proudly show anyone and everyone.  She always said that Grandchildren were like Buses, she got one and then 2 more came along in quick succession.

Her grandchildren gave her a whole new lease of life, she stopped looking backward and started to look forward to the future.

We may not be able to hear mums voice anymore, but if you listen carefully you can hear her echo in her grandchildren.