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The best DIY fidget spinners on the web for children to make

12 of the Best DIY Fidget Spinners on the web for kids

Have your kids joined the fidget spinner or fidget toy craze yet?  If they have then they will love this post with great DIY fidget spinners for you to make.  I have long had a love for fidget toys, especially as Mini is on the spectrum and they are really great at helping keep him calm and also help hm concentrate better.  So I have no issue with the new craze for all things fidget.  In fact, we have found them a sanity saver in the Mad House.

The Best DIY Fidget Spinners on the web

DIY Fidget Spinners

If you have yet to come across fidget toys and fidget spinners then they were designed as a tool to help people who lose focus and attention easily.   Some people are saying that they should be banned in the classroom and lots of schools have already banned them.  But as a toy, I think they are amazing for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are not electronic.  I love it when kids get excited about simple things and these are just that.  They are inexpensive, small and my boys and their friends love them.  They do not use them in a classroom environment, but already this week I have seen them having spinning contents, timing how long they can spin them for, what they can spin them on and trying to do tricks with them.    They are just so accessible.  So if they are the next new craze, then I am all for them and anything has to be better than the constant thud of bottle flipping – right?!

The best DIY fidget spinners on the web for children to make

We have a number of different “fidgets” as we call them and I will link to them at the bottom, but I also love that people are starting to DIY fidget toys.  So here is a round-up of some of the best DIY fidget spinners we have seen on the web.

Great DIY Fidget Spinners

LEGO Fidget Spinner

If you haven’t yet come across Sarah from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls, then you are missing a trick.  She has an amazing resource of fabulously frugal things to do with kids and is a magician with all things LEGO. Their LEGO fidget spinner is simple to make and it really works well.

Cardboard Fidget Spinner

Maggy at Red Ted Art has done it again with her simple and affordable cardboard fidget spinner.  A fantastic craft that is super achievable with things that you will have at home.  No bearings needed for this fab spinner.

Super Simple LEGO Fidget Spinner

Even younger children want to play with spinners and this super simple LEGO fidget spinner is perfect for younger children to make themselves.

3 LEGO Fidget spinner designed by a child.

Maxi was inspired by some of the other LEGO Fidget Spinners to create his own DIY LEGO Fidget Spinners.

How to Make Fidget Spinner With No Bearings

You will probably have all you need at home to make this spinner with no bearings.

How to how to make 5 different LEGO spinners

I am amazed at just how adaptable LEGO is and these spinners are wonderful.  I am sure you can get some amazing inspiration from this super video.

TriFidget Spinner Template – no Bearings

Free Tri Fidget Spinner DIY template (without bearings too and with some great info on turning this

7 MINI Lego Fidget Spinners

Perhaps you are after something for smaller hands, then these will certainly do the trick.  My boys are currently going through our large assortment of LEGO looking for parts to make these!

Craft stick Spinners

Craft sticks/Popsicle sticks are such a versatile craft material and these spinners are a little more challenging to make, but you only need one bearing for them.

Index Card Fidget Spinner

This is more of a traditional style spinner, but the video really explains how to make it and it is great for your tweens or teens.

Bearing Free Mini Fidget Spinner

We love this one and want to give it a try, especially as both of my boys are obsessed with anything using a glue gun!

Paracord Trispinner

This is such an attractive spinner and you can use any colour of paracord that you choose.

Make your own fabulous DIY Fidget Spinners with this roundup of all the best DIY fidget spinners on the web both with bearings and without.

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