Great gifts for Dad’s 16

Men can be difficult to buy for, so I thought I would share with you some of the things that Husbeast has had and loved.  Some of these recommendations are of things we have received to review, and some of them, are things that we have bought and he has loved. So here is the Mad House’s guide to great gifts for Dads.

great gifts for dads

Great Gifts for the Men in your Life

Tools and Gadgets

MadDad is a mild-mannered accountant by day, but at the weekends he loves nothing better than to play about with power tools.  In fact, show me any man (or woman) that doesn’t enjoy having a go with power tools.  We were sent a selection of Worx tools, drill driver, mini circular saw and sonicrafter to make the boys some stilts.  He was so impressed with them that he went out and bought the drill himself and we also bought the Father in Law a  mini circular saw for Christmas. Why not take a look at what he made?


The husbeast really rates anything from Karcher including their Kärcher wheel wash brush, which is ace and also the Karcher foam jet nozzle, which makes car washing so much easier.  Plus anything that gets the kids wanting to wash the car is a bonus!

Food and Cooking

The way to MadDad’s heart is through his stomach and he loves nothing better than some great products from The Cool Chilli Company.  I have been buying Chipotle in Adobo and Chipotle Ketchup for over 20 years!

I also put together a sweet hamper filled with his favourite sweets as a treat for him.

He also loves going out for meals and we have made him a voucher for a meal out as a family to his favourite restaurant. Also, the boys have put together an IOU book filled with the vouchers for them to cook for him.

Now we are both older one of the things that we both love is upgrading our belongings and things we use a lot for lifetime quality items. We have been using knifes from Joseph and Joseph since my boys were tiny. We have just replaced them with the Elevate™ Knives Steel Carousel 6-piece Set. This set will last us a lifetime and I love that it is magnetic and the knifes slot into the rotating stainless-steel block very firmly. Even though our existing knife set has lots of years in it yet, so has been passed on to a friend that has children and the knife block locks the knives in it away from little hands.

The knife set is so familiar and includes: 3½” Paring knife, 5” Utility knife, 7” Santoku knife, 8” Chef’s knife, 8” Carving knife, 8” Bread knife and each of them has a coloured dot so you can tell which is which and you soon get used to which one is the orange dot (the bread knife)!


MadDad works in an office, so uses his stationery every day.  He would love to receive a Lamy Pen from Bureaux Direct or new inserts for his Filofax.  He would also love a perpetual calendar from Block Designs.  I have their pegboard and love it.

Now if your husband or the man you are buying for has a sense of humour then these Fucking Brilliant Pencils – This fancy-ass set of ten graphite eraser-topped Standard HB/No. 2 Pencils features inspirational profanity, calligraphic flourishes, and foil stamping. A great way to add a touch of humour and irreverence to everyday work. Five different phrases repeat twice – Fucking Brilliant – Fuck-a-doodle doo- Getting Shit Done – Take Note, Bitches! We also bought him the desk sign last year.


If you are unsure of what is loved then why not try a Pamper Parcel which can be tailored to your budget and include in it things such as bath bombs and facemasks for all the family? MadDad has expensive tastes when it comes to aftershave and prefers Chanel Allure and Boss Bottled.

One of his favourite indulgences is Fortifying Green Bath Potion which de-stresses the mind and relieves aches and pains – it really is a magical bath potion. An invigorating herbal blend, sure to put the spring back in your step after a long, tiring day. With skin toning, refreshing peppermint, detoxifying fennel, calming, relaxing fir needle and sweet birch to ease achy muscles and to help soften the skin. Finally, Yarrow extract calms.

When it comes to skincare, my husband is a big fan of Elemis Shave Gel and all the men in the house use Braun Shavers. If your man is just getting started on skin care then this gift set from Biotherm is ace as it has a gel moisturiser which is a great start. This Tweezerman grooming set is also a really great gift (I already bought one for the husband).


Like most men my husband loves Tech,

These fabulous Mobile Pixels monitors which attach to a laptop to give a dual display. We have The DUEX Plus portable laptop monitor with a full HD display (and a blue light filter) of 13.3”. The DUEX monitor is attached to the laptop with powerful magnets. It is just over half a kilogram in weight and ultra-thin, making it a brilliant addition to any laptop. It took longer to attach the monitor than to use it (it has plug-and-play software and connects with USB-C or USB-A ports). You can also buy additional magnets so you can use it on more than one laptop. Once attached you can rotate it, so it can be on the right or left hand side and you can also use it in portrait mode or even detach it and use it as a stand-alone monitor in presentation mode.

It is totally ingenious and really brings the laptop into the modern age – allowing a duel screen solution utilising your existing laptop. I used dual screens at home and love how this is a solution for upgrading on the go – Oh, it works on Mac too as well as Windows, Nintendo Switch and Android phones.

Apparently, you can never have enough controllers. Both of the boys have put new ones on their Christmas lists this year. (UK Link/US Link) . However, if your man is a serious gamer then they will be after the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 or the SCUF Instinct Pro Custom, neither are inexpensive but they are THE BEST.

Disclosure: Some of these items were gifted, most were purchases and there are affiliate links (no cost to you). I only recommend things that I totally believe in and I have not been paid to promote these items!