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When I was younger I would have got really upset at receiving something for the house as a present, but now it thrills me to get something that I want! I also have found that the older I have got the more expensive my tastes have become! What I want is something that is classic and will last a lifetime.  The Mad House’s guide to great gifts for Mums, but it really is Great Gifts I would Want to Receive, so I hope you are reading boys!

Great gift ideas for Mums


Great gift ideas for Mums

Disclosure: AD| If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I will make a small commission (hopefully enough to keep me in tea all year) – at no extra cost to you! This allows me to keep creating and sharing free tutorials and content for you. Thank you!. I only recommend things that I totally believe in and I have not been paid to promote these items! 

There is no M&S magnolia range in this gift guide, oh no!  For me, anything from Aromatherapy Associates is a HUGE hit.  They are luxurious but also last.  I am also a big fan of Liz Earle and swear by her Cleanse and Polish. We are a paraben-free household as much as we can be, so I would be really happy with any hair product from Aveda especially their scalp brush as I have had their paddle brush for 10 years! I love L’Occitane, particularly their fragrances.

I am not going to fib, I have expensive tastes and I am a big fan of Neom products. Their essential oils are amazing and one of my dessert island products is their magnesium body butter.

I have never made it any secret that I have insomnia and that it has evolved over the years I have been a Mum. I have what we call Mumdar (a bit like radar but for any noise my children make), so not only do I find it a challenge to get to sleep but also stay asleep if I hear them. I have tried all sorts of earplugs but nothing has totally worked for me, until now. I was sent these QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds. I was intrigued and actually thought they sounded a little too good to be true, something of an expensive gimmick. I have had them for over a week now and I am a convert. It took a little while to get used to them (I have very small ear canals) but once I did there is no going back.

They are an investment, but one I would be happy to make as nothing is better than sleep. My boys are teenagers now and I go to bed before them and often was awoken by one of them shouting when on their video games. That hasn’t happened once since I have been wearing Quieton Sleep Earbuds. I had also been waking at dawn and the dawn chorus was preventing me from going back to sleep. All I need do is pop them back in (as I seem to take them out when I am asleep) and the birds silenced.

Some of my favourite gifts over the last few years have been LEGO Botanicals. I think that I actually have most of them! I mean what isn’t to love about them, you get to have fun building them and then all the beauty of everlasting plants and flowers. In fact, my boys just got me the daffodils for Mother’s Day.

I adore plants and these stunning wooden plant hangers from Baycraft Studio are just such a classic long long-lasting way to show off your hanging plants.

I am always asked where my Dutch Canal tealight houses are from and they are from a company called Bonnie and Bell which now sell via Not on the High Street. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have been bought a fair few and have quite the collection – enough for a whole street!

Those who know me are aware of my potty mouth so know how much I love this Queen of fU8cking Everything badge by Emma Giacalone.

This rude words washi from Nutmeg and Alro is one of my must haves – I use it all the time!

I love a good pair of boots and honestly, I have heard other people raving about Fitflop boots and shoes and never quite understood, well, as soon as I got my first pair I got it. I worried that they were a bit too stylish for me (mad I know), but they are remarkably comfortable as well as looking great. I have these Leather Lace-Up Flatform Ankle Boots (which are true to size) and I wear them all the time. They are great with a chunky sole that gives little short me another inch and I need as many of them as I can get. Classic, but also contemporary they are infinitely wearable.

I am a massive fan of classic nightwear, you know the stuff that lasts for years and doesn’t age or age you! If Only If produces classic nightwear that is just delightful up to a size 24 (I am currently lusting after the Isabel) and if you are larger like me then Cotton Lane goes up to a 32 and I can vouch for their quality as I wear it all summer. Chic, stylish and classic nightwear that washes and washes and is infinitely wearable.

I got a pair of these fabulous Bedroom Athletics Slipper Sandal Mules for Christmas last year and I have worn them all year and LOVE them. They are comfortable and half the price of some “similar” ones. A perfect gift.

We have a Welsh tapestry blanket from Merlin Tregwynt and it is just marvelous. They are reversible and classic in style but with contemporary colours to match modern decor. It is a real joy to own.

This personalised locket from Loxlox London is the perfect gift and guess what? You don’t have to faff around and find photos and get them cut to fit. You can simply upload the images and adjust them and when the locket gets to you with the engraving you requested it will also have the images inside.

The colours and forms of Keeley Traae vases are eye-catching and delightful. They are affordable and useful art as well as vases!

I have a pair of these Turtle Doves recycled cashmere wrist warmers. I never have cold hands but I do get cold wrists and these are a touch of luxury. I often wear them with my three-quarter-sleeved jumpers and dresses to elongate their wear over the winter months.

One of my most favourite purchases ever is my little Mad House from Amanda Banham Ceramics. She made adorable ceramic houses on a regular basis (although they sell out fast so make sure you are following her on Instagram to get notification of the nest sale).

I have a Long Hot Water Bottle by YuYu and love it and this Body Bottle by them is Long Hot Water Bottle, with a wearable strap! Dimensions: L75xW15cm and the strap extends to 120cm to hold it against your body. It is great value at under £25 (UK Link/US Link).

When I make a quilt I try and make a hot water bottle cover to go with them and I don’t sell them but my amazing mate Mims does. If she doesn’t have one you fall in love with, just contact her!

Everlasting, forever flowers, designed and made by Amy Swann – these are just gorgeous and you can buy a single step and build them up over the years. A brilliant gift – also one to remember for Mother’s Day.

I have never been a fan of traditional beauty boxes, partly as they seemed like a mish-mash of products that I would never use and partly due to not having anyone to share them with. But I think I have been converted by Cohorted, a beauty box that is actually curated and a little more grown-up. The products all work together with each other and are full sizes.

This year we started using Altruist Suncare after we couldn’t get our normal brand (my eldest has eczema) and it has been fantastic. It is really reasonably priced and over the last month, both he and I have been testing their Moisturising Fluid which at £6 is amazing value. I have also been using their Anti-Redness SPF 50 and I rave about it!

100% silk scrunchies are not just for curly girls but perfect for all hair types and they smooth the cuticle and protect the hair (UK Link/US Link). I would love these for myself!

Cool Ways to Gift Your Favorite Niece Who Has Everything with our Top Gifts for Teen nieces even the pickiest teenager will love this Kigsaw

Jigsaws have really made a step into the modern era and with lockdown have become a favourite way of passing the time without a screen. Cloudberries jigsaw puzzles are beautiful and the gradients ones especially caught my eye.

Our Remedy is a rescue remedy that teams CBD with peppermint and clary sage, which gives this wellness elixir a wonderful and refreshing taste but it may also soothe menstrual symptoms such as period pain, mood swings, hormone imbalance, anxiety and sleep disruptions.  

I read so much about it is being beneficial for the perimenopause and the menopause. It is also supposed to aim insmnoa and balance moods, which I really do suffer from when it is so dark early. I recently have been a little under the weather and Our Remedy has been a massive help.

Cool Ways to Gift Your Favorite Niece Who Has Everything with our Top Gifts for Teen nieces even the pickiest teenager will love this Drawing course

I love giving the gift of experience and Jennie Maizels Sketchbook Club is affordable, achievable and excellent. I love this British Food module. Jennie proves that anyone can draw, you could add this to some drawing tools making the perfect gift for a creative mum.

Kitchen things

No way back when I would have been pretty peeved to receive something for the kitchen as a gift, but now they make my heart sing.  On my list this year are Joseph Joseph 6 Piece Nest Storage, yes Tupperware, but it stacks and it beautiful and functional (UK Link/US Link)!  I would also love to receive Joseph Joseph Tri Scale, scales that fold up and I can store away (UK Link/US Link).

My Sage Tea Maker broke earlier in the year and I miss it.  It would be the perfect gift for any tea lover (UK Link/US Link).  Other items I used on a weekly basis and would be devastated if they broke include my Philips Airfryer (UK Link/US Link) or my Tefal OptiGrill (UK Link/US Link)both have been in my kitchen for well over a year.  All are integral items in my kitchen used every week and always on the surfaces rather than in the cupboards.

Gifts people working from Home will really love plant

One of the things that helped get me through the first lockdown and working from home was greenery. Yep, plants. Bringing the outside in is a brilliant way to improve any work from home environment. I am big fan of string of heart plants. I have two and they have thrived this year – super easy to look after and inexpensive. This one from Hey Ho & Co is £9.

Gifts people working from Home will really love candle holders

Nothing beats the warming glow of candles and these beautiful candle holders from Lillian Daph are stunning.

Food and drink

What can I say, I am a tea monster and would love a Tea Tasters subscription from either Twinings or Teapigs and  Post Tea have a great selection of teas and I have been delighted with the tea advent calendar that MadDad bought me.  And whilst I am talking about Food you have to order buy something from Bettys its the Christmas Law, like speciality Yorkshire Fat Rascals which are my husbands favourite and I like the Family of Rascals so you get to try every flavour including the new gooey rascals.


I adore stationery and this list would be really long, so the highlights for me would be anything from Bread and Jam (I adore their notebooks), a gift voucher for Papermash so I can buy this beautiful Rifle Paper Co Tray, ink and pens from Bureau Direct.


I love jewellery that is meaningful.  I wear a watch every day and also a pair of diamond earrings that MadDad bought me before the children came along.  I also have a Links of London Sweetie Bracelet and have a few charms that each mean something special.

I have a Tree of Life personalised necklace from Merci Maman and it is beautiful. It is ten years old and as beautiful as the day I got it. This year I would love a silver infinity bracelet.

The Mad House's guide to great gifts for Mums, but it really is Great Gifts I would Want to Receive, so I hope you are reading boys!

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