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Great gifts for Tween Boys, aged 9-12 has been updated for 2022. What is it about tweens?   They really do not want to write a gift list.  I am just supposed to know what they want, but I know that I am not alone on this as Master Frugal is the same.  So I have been researching what gifts tween Boys really want and there really is something special about giving and receiving just the right gift.

tween gift guide

First off, what is a tween, well I guess from around 9-12.  The traditional “in-between” and “pre-teen” years and most kids this age alternate between wanting everything they see and next to nothing!

The ultimate gift guide for tween boys aged 9 – 12. It’s hard to read the minds of pre teen boys but here are the coolest gifts this season.

I have tried to think outside of the box and not just look at the standard gifts that 12-year-old boys would love as nothing can replace the thought and personal attention that goes into giving a great gift.

Ultimate Gift Guide for tween Boys

Now of the things that I have learned from experience is the kids of all ages love sour sweets and this Sour Sweet Hamper from the Hamper and Gift Co hits the spot with loads of sweets that are fizzy and sour!

When it comes to ear buds I know that my boys when they were tweens they would have loved Apple ones, however, they had to learn to look after them as come on ear buds are so easy to lose. So they both started off on a more reasonably priced pair. These Edifier TW1 PRO True Wireless Earbuds have such good write-ups and they are water and sweat resistant so perfect for tweens. My Eldest has been trying them out for the gym and is really impressed with them and the sound quality too.

When it comes to books I know that The Guinness Book of Records will always go down well. Mini LOVEs reading it year on year and finding the new records. (UK Link/US Link). The YouTube Edition is great for this age too (UK Link/US Link).

If you are looking at phones for your tween, The IMO Q4 Pro which is an android phone and perfectly pitched as a starter phone for our technically minded tweens. It comes with face unlock and lots of details that you would expect from a more expensive phone. This is currently being used by my best friends 9 years old (he has three older brothers and has been desperate for his own phone)! So far so goo, he is really enjoying having his own phone and being android means that it is very intuitive to use. Once I have more feedback I will update.

Now they are at Senior school and doing sports it seems that they develop an interest in underwear and it has to be Calvin Kleins, well at least it was for my youngest at this age. We have been using Mainline Menswear, an independent menswear rather than the chain stores and their pricing is great, plus their delivery is ace.

Star Wars jigsaws and game

Great gifts for tweens

Maxi used to love jigsaws when he was younger but became a little disillusioned that they were either to easier or to hard for him.  He absolutely loves the star wars jigsaws we were recently sent from Ravensburger.  

The Ravensburger Star Wars Episode VII XXL Jigsaw Puzzle (200-Piece) puzzle was great to do in one sitting and is only £7.99 on Amazon UK right now (Affiliate link).  

The 1000 Star Wars The Force Awakens jigsaw is more challenging and will take quite a few sittings, but is perfect for screen free time.  I love that it has really engaged the boys and their friends, so have all been adding pieces as they pass the puzzle on the table.  

Great gifts for tweens

My boys also love the Ravensburger Star Wars Episode VII Galaxy Rebellion Game.  We had 5 boys sat round the dining table playing it over the weekend and they came back for more the following day.   This is sure to be an even bigger hit once the new movie is out and they are all in full on star wars mode again.  At under £20 it is also great value.

I love the idea of Junior Travelling Reader – you can either opt for a monthly subscription or a one-off and your child will receive a specially-chosen fiction book set in a different area around the British Isles every month! And, included in the box, will be book-related or place-related items, too!

Is it a card game or is it dodgeball – Well Throw Throw Burritos is both. Fast, fab and fun this will have you in stitches! (UK Link/US Link) Just make sure you hide the breakables.

Pie Face or Splat

Great gifts for tweens

Pie face will be an eternally perfect game for tweens  (UK Link/US Link) and Splat which is a cheaper version.  There is something fabulously funny about being splatted with cream that boys love. We have had lots of fun family games nights with it!

We are big fans of Exploding Kittens (UK Link/US Link) and this pinball game Game of cat n mouth is by the same people. The kitty paw flickers to fling balls through the cat’s mouth and onto your opponent’s side. To win, either hit all eight balls over, knock out the three cat “teeth,” or pop out the single nose ball (UK Link/US Link)

Animal Crossing is what ALL my kids tween friends are hooked on, so why not let yours join in the fun with this Animal Crossing Game and Nintendo Switch. (UK Link/US Link)

We have gift rules and I love the idea of having a gift of giving in the and this is an ace way. Yes, tween boys will really appreciate this pile of poo card donation which is from Oxfam and costs £12.

Football kits and footballs

Great gifts for tweens

Both of my boys love football (soccer) and have team kits.  Christmas is a great time for buying a new kit of even team-themed goodies.  We have bought Mini a Boro Annual and calendar and Maxi has the Reading Training top. it is also a great time to get a Premiership football as they are often much lusted after (both are on the boys lists).

Whilst we are talking about football, how about this smart ball that glows and counts keepy ups to 100 – great fun at under £20.

What we love about this National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab is that yes you grow six crystals in 3 to 4 days but you also get a Light-Up Display so you can keep them on show in your bedroom. (UK Link/US Link)

My boys got so much play out of their Hoverboards, but this
HITWAY 6.5” Self Balancing Scooter with Go-kart takes it one step further allowing you to convert your hoverboard to a go-kart and get twice the play out of it. (UK Link/US Link)

Asus ZenPad 8

Great gifts for tweens

If you are looking for a great value android tablet then really look no further.   The Asus ZenPad 8 (UK Link/US Link) is a beautiful looking tablet, but that isn’t what matters when it comes to tweens, well not my boys.  It is also a great size for their hands and has amazing battery life when you add the innovative powercase, which will expand the battery life to upto 16 hours without making the tablet bulky and heavy,

If you have a girl, then they might like the Zen Clutch, which is stylish and I love (yes I pinched it for a train journey I had to do)!  The picture quality is ace and it is great for watching movies and I am assured perfect for catching up on match of the day on iplayer!

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Drive Toy

Great gifts for tweens

These have been on the boys wish list for around four months and at one point was ALL that was on Maxi’s list.  I have bought a red one and a blue Air Hogs Zero Gravity Drive Toy Car (UK Link/US Link) so that the boys have one each.   

Xbox One

Great gifts for tweens

I am reliably informed by the men of the house that if you are getting an Xbox One (UK Link/US Link) this year that you need to get the 1 terabyte one.  The reason for this is that all the games are stored on the hard drive unlike the Xbox 360 where this is optional. Or check out our teen guide for the Xbox Series X details

XBox One Droid Controller

Great gifts for tweens

If your tweens already have an Xbox One then they NEED an Official Star Wars controller (UK Link/US Link).  Both the boys want one and neither are bothered that they are wired.

Gaming chairs

Great gifts for tweens

On our boys wish list are gaming chairs.  We have purchased ones that fold and managed to get a great deal on them earlier in the year.   Make sure that you look at one that is compatible with your tech.  The ones we have work with both apple, Xbox and android.


You can’t go wrong with LEGO especially if you tap into their likes. Personally, we love LEGO Minecraft (UK Link/US Link) as it gives the option of the creative building just like the original LEGO

Or this fabulous LEGO 75267 Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack 75267 Mandalorian Shock Troopers and Speeder Bike Building Kit which is great value. (UK Link/US Link)

My boys used their Stojo cups so much, so these bottles are on this year’s gift list (UK Link/US link)

The ultimate gift guide for tween boys aged 9 - 12. It's hard to read the minds of pre teen boys but here are the coolest gifts this season.

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The ultimate gift guide for tween boys aged 9 - 12. It's hard to read the minds of pre teen boys but here are the coolest gifts this season.

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