Great value and family friendly things to do in Cornwall

If the slight change in temperature has got you hopeful for the summer you’re not alone. We’re feeling pretty excited about it too and in fact have started to think about holidays as a result. We’ve been dreaming about the type of summer holidays that we remember from childhood, where the days seem to stretch on forever, the beach is always in sight and you get to taste every flavour of ice-cream over the course of a week, going home with salt in your hair and a big grin on your face.

If you yearn after these type of holidays as well, and particularly if you want to recreate this kind of unforgettable summer fun for your kids, we’ve prepared a post for you about summer holidays in Cornwall.

When it comes to taking time out Cornwall really does offer the goods, plus, a holiday in Cornwall really doesn’t have to cost the earth. And in fact once you’ve booked and paid for your place to stay (some luxury accommodation providers also offer baby friendly holiday packages!), once you’ve arrived there are many cheap and even free things to do there. So if all of this talk of summer has made you want to dig out the swimsuits, buckets and spades read on. Here’s our guide to the best summer holiday hangouts in Cornwall…

Eat Roskillys Ice-Cream at Padstow Harbour

Nothing says summer holidays like a big, crisp ice-cream cone full to the brim with several generous scoops of creamy Cornish ice-cream. For the very best we recommend heading to Roskilly’s ice-cream shop which overlooks the picturesque Padstow harbour. They have more flavours than you’ll be able to choose between and each one is just as delicious as the next.

Spend the day at Polzeath Beach

This is one of our very favourite beaches in Cornwall, as it’s a lovely sandy beach which stretches out to meet the stunning Atlantic ocean. Polzeath beach is really close to the town too and as such means that a whole range of lovely cafes and restaurants are available to you come mealtimes – this makes it ideal if you have something other than sandy sandwiches in mind for lunch! The beach often gets good surfing waves too is is a fabulous place to have a go at this, plus it has the best sandcastle-building sand we’ve found! Heaven.

surf polzeath

Visit Tintagel Castle

Like us we’re sure that you’ll amaze and delight your kids with a visit to Tintagel castle on Cornwall’s north coast (adults will enjoy this trip just as much!). The remains of the ancient castle sit in a dramatic location on the cliff tops and the original dwelling is thought to date back in time as far as the Romans. Allegedly the castle was also the birthplace of King Arthur, so you’ll not run out of storytelling opportunities as you explore. Entry is very reasonable at £5.90 for an adult, £3.50 for a child, with under 5’s going free. They also offer a family ticket at £15.30 for 2 adults and 3 children.


Take a Spooky Trip to Bodmin Jail

If you struggle to keep older kids engaged on a family holiday, especially boys, we think we’ve found just the answer with Bodmin Jail. A visit to the jail promises a chilling insight into Cornwall’s penal history and trip back in time to a more gruesome part of the counties past! Once there you’ll be able to visit cells as they would have been in the time of real prisoners and see for yourself how tiny the barred windows really were, as well as relieving tales of the time when the crown jewels were once hidden there at a time of great political unrest. A family ticket for 2 adults and 3 children is £30 but we’re sure you’ll find more than enough to keep the youngsters entertained for a whole day.
Take a walk along the South West Coast Path
If you’ve never felt the freedom of having the wind in your hair and the sea at your feet as you amble for miles along England’s South West coast path we recommend you do this as soon as possible. With over 300 miles of stunning paths to explore in Cornwall alone, this is a treat that will cost nothing and is guaranteed to please all ages. Kids will enjoy the freedom of discovering hidden beaches and running for miles in open countryside, whilst adults will love taking in the uninterrupted views and getting a good lung-full of fresh Cornish air. There are heaps of great routes to try and half of the joy is discovering your own favorite.Take a look at the South West coast path website and choose your own:

 coast path

Imagine a week stuffed full of wholesome and exhilarating activities and then add delicious treats and days spent on the beach. Cornwall is the place where family memories are made – so why not get down there and make some of your own this summer?