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I hate cleaning but love a clean house.  There is something about having a tidyish and clean house that makes me feel calmer and more content.  However, as a Mum to two boys and a dog it can be challenging.  I am also keen to use green cleaning products due to my cancer history and the fact that I have a genetic predisposition to cancer (BRCA 2) and the fact that there is a 50% chance that the boys might have the same spelling mistake.

Green Cleaning Tips

Green Cleaning Tips and Polti Moppy Review

So I have been cleaning with natural products for the last nine years and have some tips that will hopefully help you ditch the chemicals and move to green cleaning.

Green Cleaning Tips and Polti Moppy Review

10 Green Cleaning Tips

  1. I have a chemical free selection of products that I always use – white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda), lemons, orange peel, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil and microfibre cloths.
  2. If you still want to buy products then I love Method and Eco – I use method wood polish as I adore the smell!
  3. If you do not like the smell of white vinegar then you can easily make your own citrus infused vinegar – it is ace and the citrus also helps cut through grease.
  4. Bicarbonate of soda is a great deodoriser.  Rather than masking smells, it works at removing them.  I use it to deodorise the boys’ shoes by placing inside overnight and then banging out in the morning.  It also works well in the fridge as a deodoriser.  We have a little glass jar with it in and holes in the lid. You can also use it instead of shake and vac on carpets.
  5. We don’t use air freshers in our home, so to keep it smelling sweet with two soap dodging tweens and a dog I pop a couple of drops of my favourite essential oil on a cotton ball and pop it just behind the radiator.
  6. Microfibre cloths are amazing – I am a big fan of E-Cloths.  They really are superior to cheaper clothes and last for ages.
  7. A spray bottle with water in is the perfect partner for your microfibre cloths.
  8. I dilute my vinigar in a 75% water and 25% vinegar solution for cleaning my kitchen.  I keep it in a spray bottle.
  9. I even clean my washing machine on a regular basis with 90% natural products.
  10. Also you can use natural products to clean your oven – trust me it works and once you do it then you never need to use nasty harse oven cleaners.

When we moved into our home over ten years ago we made the decision to not have carpet downstairs and put laminate in instead and it was one of the best decisions we made.  But I have always struggled to find the perfect solution to cleaning it, until now……..

I have tried lots of different ways to clean our laminate from a regular mop to a steam cleaner.  I preferred a mop for the flexibility and the way I could get in all the fiddly areas but found that it was hard work and I didn’t want to use chemicals to ensure the floor was clean.  The steam cleaner always left me safe in the knowledge that the floor was clean, but it left our laminate too wet for me, it wasn’t as easy to manoeuvre was no good at getting under the sofas.

Then Polti asked me to review their new Moppy.  I am going to admit I was really sceptical especially having tried everything.

Polti Moppy Review

About the Polti Moppy

The Polti Moppy is a really innovative cordless mop that allows you to use the power of steam to clean removing dirt, germs and bacteria. It is perfect for daily cleaning as it is fast to set up, lightweight, cordless and agile.  We have our charging base in the kitchen and once plugged in is ready to go in 10 seconds.  The mop does not produce the steam this comes from the charging base which infuses the large mop head and micro fibre cloth with steam. This means you do not need any detergent of chemicals to clean.

You place the mop on the charging base and the steam generated sanitises the cloth. After 20 seconds, the green light will confirm to you the sanitation of the cloth and you are ready to start mopping.  The mop head stays hot for a really long time and I just recharged it when it became dry.  I didn’t have to refill the base at all and managed to clean the whole of the ground floor without needing to refill it.

The Polti Moppy is £129 and you can buy two additional microfibre cleaning cloths for £14.90.  

What we love about the Polti Moppy

  • It is lightweight and cordless.  Being cordless is fab, no tripping or getting tangled up.
  • You can use it horizontally and vertically – so I can get right to the back of the soda and use it on the tiles in the bathroom too.

Polti Moppy Review

  • It eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria with no chemicals.
  • It has a HUGE mop plate meaning I can wizz round the floor super quick.
  • The mop plate is really low profile so I can clean under areas like the cupboards without moving them.

Polti Moppy Review

  • It is ready to use in just 10 seconds.  So no putting it off till later.  I have actually found the boys using it (it is that simple) when they have made a mess – total win!
  • It leaves the floor streak free – yes really. You use a micro fibre cloth and infuse it with steam rather than the steam coming through the cloth, so it doesn’t get as wet.
  • Less water means it dries super fast.  So no banning the kids from the room whilst the floor dries.

Polti Moppy Review

  • You can buy additional micro fibre pads and they are washable.
  • You can use electrostatic cloths and use it to collect dust.  This is brilliant for under the sofas.

We have been using the Moppy for four weeks and love it.  I no longer dread cleaning the floor and find that it is cleaned more regularly and spot cleaned more often.   But the best outcome for me is that cleaning the floor hasn’t just been left to me.  Ok so I am still the main floor cleaner and do most of the cleaning, but the boys and the husbeast have been using the Moppy to spot clean.

Perhaps you are looking for a more multi purpose mop, then take a look at Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop Review or Black and Decker Steam Mop Review and also check out our specific guide for cleaning laminate floors

Green Cleaning Tips and Polti Moppy Review

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