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Halcyon days – An afternoon event at the school

MadDad and I spent a wonderful afternoon at Maxi’s school last Wednesday.  We had been invited for a coffee, cake and fun with the children.
I had forgotten my camera, so I took these images with the histomatic application on the iPhone – yes I know old hat by now, but I am a late adopter!
We spent a brilliant 1 and half hours listening to all the children in the year singing songs and playing games.
The weather was perfect, not too sunny, but warm.
The teaching staff had all been very busy baking and the cakes were delicious.
But the best part for us was just watching Maxi have fun in his own environment.
To be able to chat to his teacher in a relaxed environment and meet up with more of the parents.
Yes it was all to raise funds for the year group trip, but it was a fun afternoon and I want to say thankyou very much for a great way to fundraise.